Publicity Consent Revocation Form

Department:  Superintendent's Office  
Type:  Administrative Form  


Dear Parents/Guardians,
Photographs and video images of students in the Weston Public Schools are routinely created for the purpose of sharing student achievement and celebrating educational programs with the community.  Photographs are sometimes submitted to area newspapers, used in school publications and posted on our district/school websites., and/or shared with the Weston Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  Videotapes/audio clips of particular programs within our schools are submitted to Weston's cable channel for local viewing, and area news outlets occasionally cover special events within our district.  Federal and state law allows schools to disclose this type of information without consent but parents and eligible students have the right to “opt-out” of this disclosure. 
A student's picture or work may be disclosed under the following guidelines:
At the High School Level:  
o Photos of your child may be used on the website, student newspaper, or local media (Weston Town Crier and Patch) .  Any student whose parent/guardian does not want their child's picture taken or included in group settings, is advised to complete this opt-out form and ask your student to step out of any group picture being taken. 
o Full names of high school students will be used in Weston Town Crier and Patch acknowledgements, website articles, etc.
o WPS e-mail addresses of high school students may be published if they are leading a club or other activity requiring broader communications.  The e-mail address will be their <username> WPS provided address only unless otherwise instructed. 
At the pre-K to 8 level
o Photos with four or more people may include your child.  Any student whose parent/guardian does not want their child's picture taken in group settings, is advised to step out of any group picture being taken.
o Only first names shall be used if referencing K-8 grade student pictures or scanned classroom work.  
o Documents will not include information that indicates the physical location of a student at a given time other than attendance at a particular school or participation in an activity.
o Personal information of K-8 grade students will not be published.
Revised September 2016

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