Massachusetts Annual Report Cards for Weston

Department:  Superintendent's Office  
Type:  Student Achievement  

December 12, 2016


Dear Parent or Guardian:

Massachusetts publishes annual report cards for districts and individual schools within a district. These report cards answer important questions about a district’s and a school's overall performance and contain specific information about student enrollment and teacher qualifications, student achievement, accountability, how a district and a school is performing relative to other schools in the district and the state, and the progress made toward narrowing proficiency gaps for different groups of students. Click on the link to read the report cards for the Weston District; Country School; Woodland School; Field School; Weston Middle School; and Weston High School.


In the reports you will find the following important information about our district. In the individual school report cards, you will find the following:


Student enrollment and teacher quality: This section of the report card provides information about the students and teachers in our school as compared to the district and the state. If your child attends one of our schools that receives federal Title I funds (Weston Middle School and Weston High School), you also have the right to request the following information about the qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers:

  • Whether your child’s teacher is licensed in the grade levels and subject areas they teach.
  • Whether your child’s teacher is teaching under an emergency license or waiver.
  • The college degree and major of your child’s teacher.
  • Whether your child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

Student assessment on PARCC and other tests: This section of the report shows how our students are performing on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests and the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests as compared to the district and the state.


School and district accountability information: This section of the report contains three important pieces of information:

  • Accountability and Assistance Levels: Schools and districts are placed into one of five accountability and assistance levels (1-5), with the highest performing in Level 1 and lowest performing in Level 5. Our district has been placed into Level 2 because the Middle School was placed in Level 2. This was due to the performance of students with high needs as they did not meet target growth.
  • School Percentiles: A school percentile between 1 and 99 is reported for most schools. This number shows the overall performance of our schools relative to other schools that serve the same or similar grades. Our school percentiles are Field School 95%; Weston Middle School 90%; and Weston High School 88%. This means that our schools are performing higher than 95/90/88 percent of the elementary/middle/high schools in the state.
  • Progress and Performance Index (PPI): The PPI is a number that indicates progress toward narrowing proficiency gaps, or, in other words, helping all students reach proficiency and be prepared for success after high school. Massachusetts has set a goal of reducing proficiency gaps by half between the years 2011 and 2017. For a group of students to be considered to be making sufficient progress toward narrowing proficiency gaps, its cumulative PPI must be 75 or higher.

We continue to focus on increasing student achievement in our schools. We are:

  • Analyzing data to identify strategic actions.
  • Supporting students in a variety of ways (individually, small group) through research- ?based programs and aligned curriculum, and targeted interventions.
  • Weston educators have made supporting the growth of all students a priority. A specific focus is on narrowing two performance gaps: between all students and students with disabilities, and between all students and African American/Black students.
  • Enriching programs by including multiple pathways to learning.

For more information about our report cards or to request information about the qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers, please feel free to contact us at 781-786-5200.



Dr. Robert Tremblay, Superintendent

Pamela Bator, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction



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