PTO Student Directory Exclusion Form 2016-2017

Department:  Superintendent's Office  
Type:  Administrative Form  
Request to EXCLUDE Information from Student Directory
The 2016-17 paper and online Weston PTO Student Directory will list your child’s name, address, telephone,
parent names, and primary email address exactly as it is listed in the official record at his or her school. The PTO
offers you the option to exclude your child’s information and/or parental information from the Student Directory.
To do this, Massachusetts law requires that you complete this Request for Exclusion Form. You must file this
request with the PTO every year or your listing will default to the standard format. If you choose to exclude your
child’s information, it will be excluded from both the paper and online versions of the directory.
If you want to be listed in the Student Directory, you DO NOT need to fill out this form. This is an
exception form required only if you want to exclude all or part of your information.
This form must be completed each year if you want to exclude all or part of your information



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