Policy KCD, Public Gifts

Department:  School Committee  
Type:  Policy  



Recognizing the benefits accrued through active citizen involvement and support of the public schools, the Weston School Committee welcomes and appreciates offers of gifts of funds, equipment and other materials for the schools, as well as gifts of facilities, facility construction and/or facility improvements when their construction processes and methods are consistent with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The School Committee further acknowledges the value of group or individual donations on behalf of the public schools that, particularly in times of fiscal constraints and competing priorities, may be helpful in maintaining, augmenting, or supporting approved new programs.


The Superintendent shall have the authority to accept gifts on behalf of the school system if they are valued up to $1,000. The Superintendent may, at his/her discretion, delegate to a Principal the authority to accept gifts of up to $100 offered to the Principal's school. Any offers of gifts valued at more than $1,000 shall be voted upon by the School Committee acting on the recommendation of the Superintendent. For non-monetary gifts, such as equipment or supplies, the responsibility for determining and reporting the value of the gift shall remain with the donor. It should be noted that state law prohibits, the acceptance of gifts larger than $50 by individuals in elected or appointed positions in the public sector.


The School Committee will consider the intent of the donor in making the gift and will generally welcome donations that are compatible with the educational, co-curricular and facilities goals of the schools and that fit into established capital, curricular and extracurricular plans and activities of the school system.


The Committee discourages offers of gifts that carry or impose significant and/or continuing operating and maintenance costs unless those costs are included within the scope of the gifts or can be incorporated into the operating budget. The Committee also discourages offers of gifts that include or impose contingencies or restrictions when such contingencies or restrictions may be regarded as inconsistent with the objectives and values of the school system. The Committee reserves the right to defer consideration of gifts, donations, and proceeds of fundraising efforts related to projects not yet studied, reviewed, or approved and recommended by the school administration. In any event, the School Committee shall retain the right to accept or reject gifts, except as specified in the second paragraph above, if in its judgment it is in the public interest to do so.


Gifts shall, upon acceptance and receipt, become the property of the Weston Public Schools, and unless otherwise stipulated or earmarked in the terms of acceptance, are subject to allocation and reallocation for approved purposes at the discretion of the Superintendent or his/her designee. Objects given or purchased with donated funds may, from time to time, be transferred from one school, department, or grade to another as determined in accordance with curricular or extracurricular needs.


The Superintendent or his/her designee shall acknowledge in writing the acceptance or rejection of gifts.


Adopted:                     November 21, 2011


LEGAL REFS.:     M.G.L. 71:37 A; 44:53A; 268


CROSS REF.:       FF, Naming of Facilities

                              FFA, Memorials and Plaques

                              GBEBC, Staff Gifts and Solicitations

                              JP, Student Gifts and Solicitations


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