Recently Approved School Committee Policies

Department:  Superintendent's Office  
Type:  Administration  

The Weston School Committee completed its review of the policy manual and approved all policies in November 2011.  Pollicies undergo review periodically or when new legislature requires changes.


The following policies were reviewed by the School Committee at its meeting on August 29,  and approved on September 12, 2016.  

  • GBEC – Drug Free Workplace
  • IHAMA – Teaching about Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
  • JICH – Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use by Students Prohibited (This is a new policy that combines the prohibition on Alcohol, Tobacco  and Drugs into one)
  • JICHA – School Policies on Drug Use (this is a new name for the previous policy that reflects other changes)
  • JLCD – Administering Medicines



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