WHS Freshman, Andrew Yao scored 1st in US in the Harvard MIT Math Tournament

Department:  High School  
Type:  Student Achievement  
 Six members of the Weston High School math team were invited to participate in the Harvard MIT Math Tournament (HMMT) on Saturday. This international competition is one of the most demanding in the U.S. It includes almost a thousand contestants on 150 teams, mostly from the U.S. and China, with a sprinkling from other countries. (Yes, quite a few teams travel halfway around the world, coming from Shanghai, Beijing, Macao, etc., in order to participate) Anyway, we sent six freshmen to compete in this ten-hour event at Harvard, and will be sending another six students (not just freshmen) to the February HMMT tournament, which will be held at MIT.
 One of our freshmen, Andrew Yao, scored first in the U.S. and fourth in the world in his overall score, finishing a mere hundredth of a point out of third place!  He also finished third in the world in his “General Math” round. Please congratulate him on this outstanding achievement. 
 The team as a whole finished in a very respectable 39th place overall, and an even more respectable 29th in the “Guts Round,” which is a somewhat unusual closely timed combination of math and track. (After each problem, a team member has to sprint up and down a flight of stairs in order to turn in the team’s answer, pick up the next problem, and bring it back to the team.) All the events included problems from a wide range of high-school math, and remember that our team consisted entirely of freshmen! What score will they achieve three years from now? Stay tuned…

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