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The Weston Public Schools Business Office is primarily responsible for the management of the financial processes of the school system, including budget, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, financial management of grants and gifts, and collection of fees.  The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations serves as the School Department's Chief Purchasing Officer for purposes of the state's Uniform Procurement Act and other bidding statutes and regulations.


In addition to its central mission above, the Business Office serves as the coordinating agency for implementation of the Community Use of School Facilities policy and of the Non-Resident Student policy; for monitoring and reporting school system demographics, including the annual school census and enrollment projections; for data collection related to policy deliberation and collective bargaining strategy of the Weston School Committee; for implementation of regulations accompanying mandated programs such as the End-of-Year and Fall Reporting, School Lunch Program, and others.


The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations supervises the Transportation Coordinator, the Food Service Director, and the Business Office staff.  A brief summary of the Business Office staff responsibilities and contact information can be found here.


In September 2015, the School Department implemented a new on-line payment system for collection of pre-school tuition, field trip, music expenses, etc.  The system, RecTrac is a Vermont Systems product currently used by the Weston Recreation Department.  Below are instructions for use of the system:


Access Instructions

Payment Instructions 


As a means to increase communication with faculty and staff, the Business Office has initiated a newsletter that will be issued monthly throughout the school year.  Below are the most recent newsletters:


Volume 1, Issue 7 (March, 2017)

Volume 1, Issue 6 (February, 2017)

Volume 1, Special Edition Budget (January, 2017)

Volume 1, Issue 5 (January, 2017)

Volume 1, Special Edition Annuities (December, 2016)

Volume 1, Issue 4 (December, 2016)

Volume 1, Issue 3 (November, 2016)

Volume 1, Issue 2 (October, 2016)

Volume 1, Issue 1 (September, 2016)

Volumne 1, Issue 1 (December 1, 2015)

Volume 1, Issue 2 (February 29, 2016)


If you have any trouble locating materials, or have questions on the information provided on our web site, please contact the Business Office at the number below. 


Contact Information:

89 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations:  Cynthia D. Mahr
Administrative Assistant:  Phyllis Bertino
Phone:  781-786-5230      Fax:  781-786-5279



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