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The purpose of the Weston Public Schools Foodservice Department is to support the community, encourage a positive learning experience for students, and promote lifelong healthy eating habits by providing nutritious and satisfying food in a safe and welcoming environment.



All meals are planned by our Nutritionist and comply with all State and Federal requirements. Meals focus on incorporating the following 5 healthy food components: protein, grain, milk, fruit and vegetable. At our Elementary Schools the meals include all 5 food components. Students at the Middle and High school are offered all 5 food components and encouraged to take at least 3 components with one of the components being either a fruit or a vegetable.



2016-2017 Prices:



Elementary Schools: $2.50

Middle School: $3.10

High School:  $3.10



Middle School: $1.50

High School:  $1.50


Online payments may be made through MySchoolBucks. More instructions may be found here.


Your children may qualify for Free or Reduced priced meals. Please visit here for more information on Free and Reduced lunches.


Students with Food Allergies:


In recent years, there have been an increasing number of students with Life Threatening Allergies (LTAs) who participate in the breakfast and/or lunch program. 


Ingredient lists are posted daily in each cafeteria and the Food Service Department will provide labels to parents, guardians, or students on request. Please retain those copies; updates will be sent to the requester when updated versions are available. Parents or guardians of students with LTAs are required to:

  1. Submit all required medical documentation to the school nurse indicating the student’s allergies.
  2. Establish an alternative or back-up lunch option with the School Nurse, Kitchen Manager, and Nutrition Analyst/Farm to School Coordinator. 
  3. Submit monthly menu selections to the Nutrition Analyst/Farm to School Coordinator for ingredient lists.  Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for ingredient lists to be mailed.  

Please be advised that Food Service is unable to provide a definitive and comprehensive list of ingredients for the following reasons:  

Due to our district’s cooperative buying agreement, the first few months of school are a time to test and establish products.  

  • Occasionally our distributors make “comparable” substitutions for products.
  • We purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms as available which may be after a menu is completed.
  • Rare situations beyond our control, such as power outages, that require Food Service to modify the meals offered at the last-minute.

It is for these reasons that we cannot provide a list of ingredient and why it is important to have an alternative lunch plan established.


All Food Service Staff are Serve Safe Certified and have allergy awareness training as required by the state of Massachusetts. We take every precaution to serve healthy, safe, and nutritious meals. We will make accommodations when possible to serve our diverse student body.


If your student has an allergy and you would like to know what the taste test of the month will be in advance, please contact your school nurse, Kelly Shaw (781-786-5292 or or Tess Sousa (781-786-5295 or



Taste Test Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays:


One day a month elementary school students sample the fruit or vegetable of the month. When possible we try to source the produce from local farms including Lands' Sake.


The children have so much fun with Taste Test Days and we are always looking for volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to Kelly Shaw at


Check out what the students are sampling each month here.



Parent Resources:
School Nutrition Association

Massachusetts Department of Education: School Nutrition


Healthy Students, Healthy Schools: Revised Guidance for Implementing the Massachusetts School Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages









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