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The Office of Student Services, located at 89 Wellesley Street (Case House School Administration Building), oversees Special Education, Guidance, Health Services, and the English Language Learners Program.


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Jennifer Truslow, Director of Student Services (as of 4/1/17)

TBD, Assistant Director of Student Services

Laurie Smith-Michaels, Out-of-District Coordinato


September, 2016


Dear Parents and Guardians,


I hope your transition back to the school year has been relatively smooth and you and your children are back in the routine of the school year.  The people that work in the Office of Student Services are excited about the school year ahead, working with you and your children, and offering the support, interventions and structures that will allow each student to have access to the highest levels of educational opportunity.


With the support of the School Committee and Central Office, Student Services has had some changes over the summer that will have a positive impact on the IEP Process and ultimately on the service delivery to your children. First, we have hired a new Assistant Director of Student Services, Jennifer Truslow who comes to us from the Newton Public Schools.  Jennifer Truslow began in July and has already proven to be a positive asset to the Weston School System sharing her intellect, enthusiasm and experience of working with children with disabilities.  Jen’s focus will primarily be on Pre-K-5 but the two of us will be working very closely to be sure we have a comprehensive programming Pre-K through age 22.


Each school now has a dedicated IEP Team Chairperson who will be running all of the meetings in the building where they are housed.  This individual will be a great asset to you as you move through the special education process whether your child has been on an IEP for a number of years or they have just begun their initial evaluation.  All of our new Team Chairs are licensed psychologists; therefore, depending on a child’s evaluation needs they may be conducting some of the assessments in their buildings.  The Team Chair is the professional in the building that you will be in communication with regarding any questions or concerns that you might have about any aspect of the IEP process.  I would suggest that if any part of the process is still unclear to you please reach out to these people and they can explain the whole process to you as many times and ways as you might need.  These professionals are here in part to ensure that the IEP process is followed and they are also here to ensure that you understand all aspects of that process.


Grace Janusis is the new Team Chair at the Field School, as Jeffery Dias has become the Team Chair of Weston High School.  Maryellen Stampfli is the new Team Chair at the Middle School and also new in the position is Erika Sava who will be working at the Woodland School.  Michael Davies is still with us and he will be working almost exclusively at the Country School. We have a few other new positions that I would like to highlight:  Krystin Hickey is now the psychologist at the High School, filling a retirement position.  Beth Crescenzo is the Lead Teacher of the ACCESS classroom at Country School and we also want to welcome Erika Wade, who is the Speech and Language Pathologist at the secondary level.  We are very excited about these professionals joining the Weston Public Schools and collaborating with families throughout the school year.


Please know that we welcome parents and guardians to reach out to the Office of Student Services with any questions or concerns.  We have had the privilege of meeting with many families over the summer and during the first couple of weeks of school and have greatly appreciated those conversations.  We truly believe that by working together we can make sure we meet the needs of all students in the Weston Public Schools.  We look forward to collaborating with you.




Dr. Marguerite (Midge) Connolly, Superintendent (former Director of Student Services)

Jennifer Truslow, Director of Student Services

Laurie Smith-Michaels, Out of District Coordinator

Janet Cinar, Special Education Administrative Assistant

Kathy Donnelly, Special Education Support Assistant






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