Guidance in the Weston Public Schools is tailored to the needs of the students in each school.  At the elementary level, the Guidance Department focuses on adjustment to the social and academic life of school.  At the middle school, Guidance adds academic counseling to the mix.  At the high school, Guidance is multi-faceted, with college admissions gaining increasing importance as students advance through the years.  Mental health is a team effort between the Guidance Department, the Weston Youth Counselor, faculty and administration.  To learn more about each schools' Guidance program, click on the link at the left.



Country School 781-786-5400

Amy Black   5408

Woodland School 781-786-5300

Carrie Dyball 5308

Field School 781-786-5500

Cecilia Tatem-Small 5520

Middle School 781-781-5610

Phoenix Malfa   5612

Kari Anne Wye    5614

Kimberly Roslonek    5613

Megan Hennessey

High School  781-786-5820

Maryann Shea   5824

Gretchen Gugliotta   5822

Marla Schay  5823 Department Head

Chris Shanahan  5827

Chris Wadsworth  5821

Samson Luu

Savann Donovan 

Gabby Holland





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