High School
Seven WHS Students competed in the annual academic scholarship competition.
High School
The WHS Math team is going to compete in the New England Math Championships in May 2015 after finishing fourth in MA within the medium sizes schools division.
High School
Joanna’s paper, “Pixels and Prose” analyzing and comparing the qualities of literature and video games, was chosen as a finalist. The presentation and defense will be 4/7 - 4/9 at MIT.
Superintendent's Office
The Weston Public Schools is looking for volunteers to serve on the Search Committees for a new Woodland School Principal, Director of Student Services, and Assistant Director of Student Services. Please click above to read full message.
Superintendent's Office
Three administrators will leave the WPS at the end of this school year. All three will be greatly missed: Dr. Cindy Crimmin, Woodland School Principal; Susan Strong, Director of Student Services; Sue Fisichella, Assistant Director of Student Services.
High School
WHS placed 5th out of 46 teams in the State Science Meet on March 21 , 2015
Superintendent's Office
Starting Monday, March 16 the entrance and exit at the Old Field School driveway (from School Street) will be closed for the next several weeks.

WHS Staff Has Over 70 Years of Combined Experience


Many people work behind the scenes at WHS doing very important jobs to assist the students and faculty every day.


Diane Kaskon has worked in the Weston Public Schools for almost 28 years. She is the Administrative Assistant to the Principal. Her experience is invaluable.


Theresa Kacoyanis is the Main Office Aide and has been here 15 1/2 years. Her smiling face greets everyone who comes to the school.


Lori Reid works in the Attendance Office at the High School. She has previously worked at Field School then Case House. She has been with the school system for 16 years.


Regina Wong is the HS Attendance Office Aide.  She often deals directly with the students and makes sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. She has been here for 15 years.


Sharon Poller is the High School Bookkeeper. She has been doing this important job for almost 10 years. She deals with everyone from students to the Principal.


Next time you are at the HS please be sure to say hello!

11:30 AM
12:45 PM
01:00 PM
07:30 PM
11:00 AM
07:00 PM
Reggie Lewis Center, Roxbury
07:30 AM
Case House

WHS Principal Anthony Parker and students-Sept 2014.
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