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Last event in series: How Does Technology Support Learning? June 12, 7PM, Join Director of Technology & School Libraries Lee McCanne to learn about ways technology is used in classrooms to engage & support student learning
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WEEFC, a sub-committee of the School Committee, is a parent organization that raises and distributes funds in the form of grants to support innovative and creative programs across all schools and grades.
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This spring, students in Grades 3-8 will participate in the newest version of the state assessment, MCAS 2.0. Click above to access the test schedule and for details.
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The Weston School Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Marguerite Connolly as the Interim Superintendent of Weston Public Schools beginning July 1, 2017.
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April letter from Principal Faber

April 2017

Hello Families,
Jon Kabat Zinn defines "mindfulness as paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non judgmentally". According to Mindful Schools, stress and anxiety impairs attention, emotion and mood regulation, sleep, and learning readiness daily in classrooms. Even more troubling, prolonged exposure to childhood stress and anxiety has lifelong impacts on mental and physical health. Since the roots of stress and anxiety lie deep in the nervous system, we need tools that go beyond the conceptual mind to directly target that system. To transform our habitual responses, we need to regularly practice our skills when we are not in “fight – flight – freeze” mode. This is Mindfulness practice. This year, the Kindergarten team has invested their time into the study of mindfulness practice, to understand the foundations of Mindfulness and how to incorporate it into their work with students.    We will continue this work in several grades in the upcoming school year.  Stay tuned!
At our March principal coffee, we were fortunate enough to have guest speakers and Woodland parents, Alison Krueger and Kate Dickie, lead a discussion on the foundations of mindfulness.  Thank you Alison and Kate! 
Some events to highlight and ask your child about…
Grade 3 students explored the concept of Pi. Students learned the definition of Pi
and why it was important. They engaged in a number of activities weaving together math,
art and a little singing of a “pi-namite” song.   Pi in the Sky cityscapes (creating a bar graph)
and Pi dot art (geometry) are proudly displayed in the hallway. Check it out! 
Kindergarten students participated in various design and engineering activities in the Hatch.
Some students created wind toys while other students designed chairs for Goldilocks.
 All Kindergarten engineers designed and improved their prototypes applying their
problem solving skills, as well as, demonstrating great perseverance.
Grade 1 students had the opportunity to learn from Mac Barnett (Author) and Brian Biggs (Illustrator)
of brand new children's book, Noisy Night. 
March Madness arrived! The school community modeled a love of reading and expanded
the children's minds through immersing ourselves into exemplary picture books.
Our official winner will be announced on April 7th! 
Mark your calendars…
Early dismissal on Wednesday, April 5th at 11:30am.
MCAS 2.0 ELA testing for Grade 3 students on Tuesday, April 4th, Thursday, April 6th and 
Friday, April 7th. 
Kindergarten registration on Thursday, April 6th at Case House. 
School Council on Monday, April 10th at 2:30pm.  All are welcome! 
No school due to Spring recess from Friday, April 14th to Friday, April 21st.
Jennifer G. Faber 



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Woodland School Principal Jennifer Faber

Principal Jennifer Faber with her students.  
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