Winter 2015-2016 Activities Schedule

Dear Parents,                                                                                                              December 10, 2015


I would like to share the Weston Middle School winter activity offerings.  We hope to have enough gym space to expand our intramural sports offering beyond Wednesdays.  Once the basketball team schedules are finalized, we will know how much gym space is available to allow for additional intramural offerings. 


While team sports and the drama club typically require a five day per week commitment, some clubs and all intramurals allow students to attend as often as they like.  However, students are required to be in school for more than half the day in order to participate that day.


Attached is a list of activities, clubs, and intramurals for the winter 2015-2016, which will run from December until mid-February.  These lists will also be available on the MS website under “Extra-Curricular,” “Clubs and Activities” or click here.  Spring 2016 activity offerings will be published as we approach the season.  If you would like to see an archive of the 2015 spring schedule, click here.


The WMS is open to offer new activities based on students’ interests.  If any students have ideas and would like to pursue them, they should feel free to stop by the main office to discuss their proposals with Mr. Gibbons or Ms. Hillman.


For any questions regarding Middle School intramural sports, team sports, or activities, please contact:

Intramural Sports – Joe Welby ( 781-786-5600 X5749

Team Sports – Michael McGrath ( 781-786-5800 x5845

Clubs & Activities – Tracey Salvo ( 781-786-5600 x5604


Best wishes for a year of continued activity and stay warm!


Tracey Salvo

Middle School Student Activities Co-Coordinator




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