Student Expectations

All Weston High School students will: 
Think critically
Interpret information accurately
Propose theories, which are based on fact
React to opinions with facts
Make connections
Evaluate sources of information
Make sound decisions 
Communicate effectively
Respond in writing to assignments and assessments clearly, cohesively, and completely
Express ideas cogently when speaking
Understand and apply verbal and non-verbal communication and self expression
Demonstrate skill in listening
Utilize technology when appropriate 
Respect themselves and the school community
Act truthfully, honorably, and assertively
Maintain academic, emotional, and physical well- being
Show care and concern for people and property for the common good
Treat others with courtesy, fairness, and acceptance
Act responsibly
Behave to ensure the safety of themselves and others
Obey laws, rules, and regulations for the school and for the community
Fulfill commitments and obligations honestly and expeditiously 
Work collaboratively
Share ideas and opinions
Accept differences and strengths
Participate in the give and take of decision-making
Value being a member of a group
Use current technologies
Know how and when to use technological tools
Access and utilize computer software appropriately
Demonstrate ability to navigate the complexity of the Internet 
Maintain a global perspective
Be aware of issues that transcend geographic and political boundaries
Recognize effects and consequences of global technology
See effect of American culture on other societies
Respect diversity in life
Realize how the planet itself impacts life and lifestyles


Contribute positively
Be involved in the life of the school
Participate in activities to benefit others
Share awareness of others’ needs
Accept challenges
Try new approaches
Reach beyond known capabilities
Risk failure
Dare to be self-directed
Value learning
Do assignments on time and with care
Attend classes
Ask questions
Be curious
Apply knowledge
Strive for excellence
Set personal goals
Work for continuous improvement
Heed suggestions
Search out enrichment
Discover joy
Be creative
Give positive feedback
Enjoy the opportunities for learning and personal growth
Appreciate/value the good/quality work of self and others



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