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Eighth grade is an important developmental year for students. As leaders of the middle school, eighth-graders are expected to model high academic, extracurricular and behavioral standards. Eighth-grade faculty members work closely to build upon sixth and seventh grade learning to challenge students and prepare them for the transition to high school.


Many students find eighth grade to be stimulating and challenging academically. Eighth- grade courses are designed to promote high academic standards through rigorous learning activities and assessments. A particular focus in eighth grade is placed upon the development of critical thinking and communication skills. As the year unfolds, eighth- graders practice and gain increasing skills in thinking abstractly and making connections. Teachers are very conscious of the fact that students’ skills are stretched throughout the year and, therefore, diligently work to support all students appropriately along this continuum.


Extracurricular opportunities also expand in eighth grade. Eighth-graders often have the opportunity to play more central roles in school clubs, artistic performances, and sports teams. As eighth-graders manage their academic and extracurricular responsibilities, they are also expected to practice the type of good decision-making that leads to the development of strong character. Throughout the academic year, the eighth-grade faculty works to create experiences that afford students the opportunity to become more independent learners in academic, kinesthetic, and social spheres.

Open and honest collaboration between home and school is a vital link. The eighth-grade team leaders and guidance counselor are available to address any questions or concerns that parents may have, and look forward to working in partnership with you.

Eighth Grade Office



Orange House Director: Michael Brown

Blue House Supervisor: Janice Corley

6-8 Grade Aide: Carol Fahey and Theresa Schmalenberger

8th Grade Counselor

Kim Roslonek


8th Grade Learning Specialist

Sue Contente

Kristin McNulty


METCO Academic Liason

Cyril Kakulu


emails: last name, first initial (no spaces) @mail.weston.org


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