Professional Development, Tuition Reimbursement and College Vouchers

Professional development in Weston is available in a variety of venues and formats (see menu to the left to see the professional development opportunites offered).  It is intended to facilitate productive collegial exchange and communication within teams and across grade levels and schools.  We also strive to maintain an educational environment that is stimulating and responsive to educational advancements in the larger community.  The overall district plan seeks to coordinate individual intitiatives with long-term district goals.  


All Professional development requests must be made through My Learning Plan.


Salary Credit and tuition reimbursement are payable only for approved graduate courses in accordance with Article XI of the WEA contract.


Tuition-Free College/University Vouchers

Periodically, vouchers are available for teachers to take graduate courses at area colleges and universities free of charge and will be made available on a first come, first serve basis based on the stipulations specified in the Teachers’ Contract (Article XI).  Please contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to see what vouchers are currently available.


Northeastern University

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Northeastern University Tuition Voucher program will continue on a quarter by quarter basis due to the potential sale of the Henderson House. They will make available three tuition vouchers per quarter to be issued upon authorization by the Board of Selectmen.  Each voucher will cover the cost of one undergradutate or graduate course in the College of Professional Studies ( for which 4 credits or less is granted.  The Board of Selectmen's policy for issue of these vouchers is to give first preference to employees of the Town of Weston and, if not used by employees by the deadline for the 2017 Summer Quarter, to allow immediate family members (defined as children, spouse, or parents) of Town employees or Town residents. 
Applications from employees for vouchers for the Fall Quarter shound be filed not later than Thursday, July 22, 2016, in the Office of the Selectmen, Town Hall, P.O. Box 378, Weston, MA  02493 or
The applicant should apply in writing setting forth the course or courses for which a voucher or vouchers are requested, the course number, the number of credits applicable to each course, the location where the course will be given, and the relationship of the course to the work of the applicant if an employee of the Town of Weston.  Applicants must also include home address, cell and home phone numbers and personal and work email address.
Vouchers may not apply to more than one course, thus a voucher used for a non-credit or a one or two-credit course has no remaining value for application to any other course during the quarter.  Tuition vouchers approved by the Board of Selectmen are non-transferable and do not carry over to the following quarter.
In the event that applications are received for more vouchers than available, the Board of Selectmen will decide to whom the vouchers will be granted.  The Board may request additional information to assist it in making an equitable decision.  In general, the vouchers will be used to the extent possible to assist persons whose education is deemed to be most beneficial to the Town. 
Applications for vouchers to be used in subsequent quarters of the 2016-2017 school year may be submitted at any time up to the following deadlines:
Winter Quarter:    October 21, 2016
Spring Quarter:    January 20, 2017
Summer Quarter: April 14, 2017

Should you have questions regarding the Northeastern voucher program with the Town of Weston, please contact Kara Fleming in the Board of Selectmen’s office at (781) 786-5020 or by email at



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