Goals & Expectations

The Weston Middle School community fosters academic growth, encourages personal development, and strives for each student to respect her or him self and others. We believe in learning as a process and respect both individual learning styles and the diverse cultural and family backgrounds of our students. A variety of teaching methods is utilized to achieve a shared goal of success for all students. Students are encouraged to develop high expectations for themselves and to meet their goals. All members of the community work collaboratively toward shared ideals, while accommodation is made to meet the needs of the individual. We model mutual respect and tolerance. Students are held responsible for positive contributions to a safe environment for learning and playing.


At Weston Middle School all students will:
1. Participate in a well-rounded, quality program that develops their multiple, diverse talents.
2. Act responsibly as they grow to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and independent learners.
3. Develop a sense of self-respect, as they are recognized for positive contributions to the learning community.
4. Build upon successful experiences through participation in curricular and extracurricular offerings including rigorous, challenging academics; experimental and performance –based arts; and interest-based activities and athletics.
5. Respect the diversity of our community and the world, fostering a sense of tolerance and empathy for others.
6. Dare to take appropriate risks and succeed or fail in a safe environment guided by caring teachers, parents, and support staff.
7. Engage in active learning opportunities, and apply skills and talents to real-world problems.
8. Think critically about the world and their role in it as they explore opportunities for service to others within and outside our community.
9. Learn as a community and understand what it means to be a responsible citizen.
10. Discover the joy of learning and all of its wonder.


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