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2017 -2018 Program of Studies is now available online.

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Please note there will be no hard copies available.



If you have questions about the scheduling process, please see your child's individual guidance counselor or

Director of Guidance Marla Schay


Anthony Parker, Principal
Kelly Flynn, Assistant Principal

 WHS Guidance Counselors:
Marla Schay (Department Head 6-12)
Gretchen Gugliotta
Samson Luu
Chris Shanahan
Maryann Shea


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Principal’s Message to Weston High School Students

Weston High School offers many challenging and unique programs to meet your needs. This Program of Studies outlines the courses required for graduation as well as the many course offerings available to you. Please read the descriptions and prerequisites for each course carefully. In choosing your program, work closely with your guidance counselor, parents and teachers. In addition to the graduation requirements, remember that you are required to enroll in 990 hours of instruction and this means having a schedule with 33.5 credits. Please note that the Program of Studies includes the credits for each course. Your guidance counselor will have more information on how to design your schedule in terms of courses and alternatives in meeting this Time and Learning requirement.
In addition to the course selections, our school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities including competitive team sports, performing arts groups, student government and many special interest clubs. I encourage you to participate in these important activities, as they will provide you with different perspectives, challenges, and opportunities to meet other students.
Please remember that the scheduling process does not always produce the desired end result. You may encounter situations where courses are cancelled due to low enrollments, budgetary constraints, or conflicts developed during the scheduling process that require you to make other choices. Please be assured that we will do our best to develop a schedule to honor your requests and one that has the fewest number of conflicts possible. Our plan is to have the scheduling process completed, including all necessary adjustments, before you leave for the summer so that you will know what to expect in the fall.
Finally, I believe that our school curriculum is well developed and the course offerings will meet your needs. The credit for this work goes directly to the teachers and department heads who maintain high standards in current programs and who forge ahead with the development of new courses.
Anthony Parker





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