Grade Three

3rd graders planted a garden last year as 2nd graders. This year they visit it as both scientists who observe it and as artists who draw it.


Teachers- Kristin Morrison (Rm 16), Jon Morong (Rm 17),  Heather Lambo (19),
Grade Leader - Heather Lambo


Grade 3 Curriculum

Reading: Reading strategies are reviewed and reinforced through Guided Reading lessons. Students are expected to share their thinking and give evidence from the story during these discussions to make connections. There is increased attention to interpreting implicit information in reading selections and using those interpretations for higher-level thinking.

Writing Process: This ongoing experience includes all facets of the writing process: Prewriting, Drafting, Sharing, Revising, Editing and Publishing. The students are instructed through mini-lessons and conferencing that reinforce conventions introduced in earlier grades. There is increased attention to revising and editing through writing reports, friendly letters, story summaries, book reviews, poetry, fictional stories, folktales, and personal narratives.

Spelling: Students work with spelling lists that represent three levels of difficulty. Each level incorporates reinforcement with patterns and word structure, vocabulary expansion and proofreading skills.

Handwriting: Correct manuscript is reviewed and students are introduced to cursive handwriting.

Math: Students use multiple strategies when solving math problems and explain their mathematical thinking through addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers, multiplication introduction, place value, measuring and data, fractions and decimals, geometry and division introduction.

Science: Students ask questions, make hypotheses and learn through units in Electricity and Magnetism, Solar System and Habitats and Insects.

Social Studies: Students learn ways to study history through studies on the Wampanoag Indians, Pilgrims, Geography of Massachusetts, Puritans, Revolutionary War introduction and a study of Weston.

Grade 3 Special Events: 2016-2017

Picture Day -  September 29, 2016

Grade 3 Parent Forum - 10/6/2016

Field trip at Plimoth Plantation - Nov 17, 2016

Math Forum - November

Electromagnetism at Country School - xxx

Winter Concert - December 22, 2016 8:45am

Continental Math League -Feb

Art Day -  April 13, 2017

Spring Concert - May 19, 8:45am

Field Day - June 15, 2017

Earliest Last Day of School  with NO snow days- June 16, 2017


Grade 3 Homework: The goal of homework is to develop time management skills, independent work skills and responsibility.



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