Grade One

Teachers –Ashley English (Rm 6),  Lauren Gaca (Rm 7), Trevor Glode (Rm 9),

Emily Lattin (Rm 10)

Grade Leader – Emily Lattin

Grade 1 Curriculum

Reading:  In first grade, children are immersed in literacy concepts.  Through Guided Reading, the foundation of grade one classroom literacy, children are taught reading strategies. Children use picture clues, semantics and word structure to decode and understand the meaning of text.  Shared reading, small group instruction and independent reading are also used to develop reading skills.  Children work collaboratively and independently in differentiated literacy centers to increase word knowledge and decoding skills.

Writing Process:  Children use their new reading and writing skills  through journal writing and Writing Workshop.  Children are introduced to personal narrative stories when they write “Small Moment” stories.  When writing words, children are encouraged to say the word slowly and record the sounds they hear.  Story organization and story sequence is emphasized.  Children share their writing, learn how to make revisions, edit and publish books.  In June, each child’s writing accomplishments are celebrated at an Author’s Breakfast.

Handwriting:  Letter formation is taught and reinforced throughout the year.  Children learn to use lower case letters and spacing in their writing and use the lines on the page as a guide. 

Math:  Children develop number sense through daily math explorations. Our math curriculum connects children in a meaningful way to mathematical thinking.  Children use manipulatives to explore problems in depth.  They find more than one solution to a problem, create strategies and approaches to solve problems and express their mathematical thinking through numbers, pictures and words.  First grade math topics include mathematical thinking, building number sense, gathering data, solving story problems, addition and subtraction concepts, money concepts, time, measurement, and geometry.

Science:  Children learn to become scientists through observation and data collection.  They make predictions as they explore their environment.  Science topics include A Tree Study, Engineering & Design, Solids and Liquids, and Soil Investigations.
Social Studies:  Open Circle is a social competency program that fosters the development  of social relationships in a safe, caring and respectful  learning environment.  Children learn skills and language to articulate and solve problems.   Other Social Studies topics include Family Life and a study of Japan.

Grade 1 Special Events: 2016-17

September  15- Back to School Night @ 7:00 p.m.

September 29 - Country School Picture Day

October - "Tree Whisperer" walk with Land's Sake Farm experts  

October  20- First Grade Parent Forum @ 9:00 a.m.

December 22 - Winter Concert @ 10:00 a.m.

April  26 & 27 - Field Trip to the Children’s Museum, Boston  
April 13 - Art Day 

May 19 - Spring Concert @ 10:00 
May - Soil Walk with Land's Sake Farm experts 
May-Japan Extravaganza

June - 15 Field Day

Grade 1 Homework:  Homework begins the first week of November.  Homework in first grade is designed to foster responsibility and encourage children to share what is going on in the classroom. Homework activities include math games to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.  Children may also work on Word Wall activities or share a book read during Guided Reading instruction.  Homework is distributed on Monday and is due back to school by Wednesday.





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