Grade Two

Grade Two

Fall Perspective

The fall is an exciting time for second graders! The children are busy meeting new friends, learning new classroom routines and feeling older sitting at their very own desks!  

Curriculum Overview
Reading: Our reading program is based on the Guided Reading approach in which children meet with their teacher in small groups. 
Strategies for problem solving difficult words, fluency, reading for understanding, and making appropriate book choices are addressed in these flexible groups. Students work on appropriate developmental skills through their independent reading. Children read fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Word Study and Spelling: Children are introduced to a variety of patterns and rules of English orthography on a weekly basis. As well students practice conventional spelling for high frequency words.

Writing: Our writing program consists of structured lessons, personal experience writing as well as guided writing topics. This fall children write personal narratives, letters, nonfiction reports, responses to literature and poetry. Mini-lessons focus on pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing, as well as clear development and logical sequencing of ideas, and descriptive language.

Math: Our math curriculum offers students a combination of algorithm practice and exploratory, hands-on approaches. Math time consists of whole group and small group lessons, practice, games and challenges. Daily lessons include: addition and subtraction and the number system, 2-D and 3-D geometry, data analysis, patterns, functions and change, fractions, and measurement.

Science: Students engage in units on weather, plants and balance and motion.

Social Studies: Students participate in weekly lessons in social competency through the Open Circle program as well as studying Citizens, Communities and Continents: People Who Make a Difference in Communities Around the World.

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