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A Year of Art: The K-12 Art Show

Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 6-8PM


Experience the WPS Art Show! Exciting, creative, and experimental work from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade will exhibited in the WHS Science Wing. In addition to seeing the art, you can interact with WHS and WMS art students demonstrating different areas of artistic concentration such as  the potter’s wheel, the TV Studio Telecaster, expressive drawing and painting, alongside WMS Project-Based Learning projects. But wait, there’s more! On the same night will be a special reception for the Class of 2017 and an unveiling of 2 murals painted by Ms. Hom’s Advanced Art Students, and completed by the entire senior class! 

On Friday, May 26th we will present our 2017 WHS Film and Animation Festival from 7:00-8:30PM!

The K-12 Art Show will only be up through May 30th.




January 10, 2017

Opening 6-8pm

Where: WHS Science Wing

Show comes down by Jan 17, 2017.


Come celebrate the end of the first semester by experiencing the

outstanding artwork made by Weston High students!

Drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, clay, video, and animation will all be featured in the WHS Science Wing.



Weston High School Visual Art Winter Exhibition

The second annual Winter Exhibition will transformed the WHS Science Wing for only 4 days and showcased the work of Weston HS first semester art students. Featuring work from Art, Photography, Graphic Design, and Clay Studio classes, this show will impressed with what students have been able to accomplish in the visual arts in a single semester.

The exhibition was held

January 12-15, 2016










 Weston Winter Art Show Jan 6 - 9, 2015 

 Come see the work created by first semester HS Art students

Featured media include drawing,painting,graphic design and clay









Current research in education reveals a dynamic shift from the previous "Information Age" to this "Conceptual Age". As a result of this shift, skills, experience, and confidence in the visual arts is becoming increasingly essential for our students future success, both personally and professionally. Drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, video production, and ceramic sculpture train individuals to utilize their own creative resources, often not stimulated within more traditional academic coursework. The Visual Arts Program has been designed to help students discover creative inspiration, visualize the world around them with skill and personal reflection, and through dedicated study, introspection, and risk-taking, realize a unique, satisfying joy and confidence. While the art courses are rigorous and challenging, most students find them relaxing and a welcome stress reliever during their demanding school day. Weston Art staff are experienced artist/teachers, each dedicated to improving their courses and developing their own personal work.


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Mr. Christopher Fehl, Department Head


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