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Anyone interested in participating in the 2017 Argentina Exchange Program to Buenos Aires should please complete the downloadable application, and submit it along with a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and your transcript to Sr. Pezzote by Friday, April 28th. This program is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your Spanish skills, immerse yourself in another fascinating culture, and make life-long friendships. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Sr. Pezzote in the Student Activities Office, or by email at pezzoten@weston.org 



The World Language Department  coordinated a series of events for World Language Week,

March 6-10, 2017.

A salsa teacher in the black box 
A presenter on ancient Roman civilian and military life 
A panel of parents discussing the importance of languages in their lives/careers
  The World Language Fair in the library 
A guitarist and percussionist in the cafeteria 

In addition, we have a special menu planned (Korean Beef Bowl! Empanadas! More!) for lunches and other touches, such as passing music, the trivia contest that Cort emailed about, Word of the Day announcements, and more. 



Argentinean exchange students, Camila (first photo), Agus, and Matías (second photo) arrived to Boston safely on Saturday, January 21, 2107, and were greeted with excitement by their host siblings, Glennie LeBarron, Sophie Fennell, and Mack Rodgers. The students will be here in Weston for three weeks taking courses at the high school and participating in extra-curricular activities as part of our Argentina Exchange Program with the Northlands School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  


June 2017 Trip To Cuba

 This trip is designed as an interdisciplinary experience and to expose students to a wide range of cultural events and institutions involving the arts, history and science. Some of the planned visits include Revolution Square, José Martí Museum, a walking tour of Old Havana (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) UBPC Vivero Organopónico Alamar (an organic farm) and Finca La Vigía (House and farm of Ernest Hemingway Museum).

Students can see Ms. Baker, Ms. Hagan or Ms. Bairstow with any questions however the trip is filled and we are not accepting any new applications.

August 2016   


Juniors Sophie Fennell and Glennie LeBaron arrive in Buenos Aires for a 3 week exchange program with the Northlands School, and were greeted by their host families. Everyone looks very happy!

April 2016

The philosophy of the National Latin Exam is predicated on providing every Latin student the opportunity to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success in his study of the Latin language and culture. This opportunity exists for each individual student since, on the National Latin Exam, he is not competing with his fellow student on a comparative basis, but is evaluated solely on his own performance on the exam. The basic purposes of the NLE are to promote the study of Latin and to encourage the individual student.

AP Latin

Helen Zhang: Gold Medal; Summa cum Laude

Isabella Aslarus: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Madeline Piccione: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Srishti Lulla: Magna cum Laude

John Fleckner: Magna cum Laude

Katherine Tak: Magna cum Laude

Alison Heilbronner: cum Laude

Honors Latin IV

Ziling Yang: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Benjamin Icke: Magna cum Laude

Latin III

Kelly Kirk: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Natalie Tak: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Ana Nixdorff: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Margot Berman: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Holly Hardiman: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Adele Mah: Magna cum Laude

Andrew Fei: Magna cum Laude

Gabriela Elias: Magna cum Laude

Abigail Lenox: Magna cum Laude

Michael Malenfant: Magna cum Laude

Ellison Lim: Magna cum Laude

Catherine Upton: Magna cum Laude

Thomas Riedel: Magna cum Laude

John Dangelmaier: Magna cum Laude

Latin II

Olivia Fennell: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Sofia Icke: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Sarah Gotbetter: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Lukas Muzila: Magna cum Laude

Vincent Rougeau: Magna cum Laude

Lydia O’Connor: cum Laude

Latin I

Katherine Nardone: Silver Medal; Maxima cum Laude

Emilie Ginovker: Magna cum Laude

Skylar Wolf: Magna cum Laude

Elijah Tauriac: Magna cum Laude

Henri Lempereur: cum Laude


WHS Junior Celeste Samaratunga  placed 2nd in the Chinese Bridge Speech Contest for
US High School Students Intermediate Division onMarch 19, 2016.
She recieves an invitation to spend two weeks at a boot-camp in China.
Please visit Chinese Bridge Contest for more info on the competition.
 Cort Mathers has organized an excellent Chinese language program at WHS.
In addition Ma Ya Tao and the intern Dandan Zheng  dedicated extra time and energy helping WHS students learn Chinese. They also spent their entire morning and afternoon at the contest location at
UMass Boston, supporting Celeste.
Here are links to Celeste’s speech  and performance  


World Language Department Newsletter, Volume 3 December 2015



The Argentinean exchange students arrived to Boston on Sunday, 1/10/16, and were welcomed by their host families at the airport. They will be spending three weeks here in Weston as part of the exchange program between WHS and Northlands School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The students are looking forward to becoming a part of the Weston community and will begin their coursework and shadowing their host siblings.


The Rombas selection committee is pleased to announce the selection
of sophomore Zachary Hanoyan as our representative for the
Rombas exchange for the 2015 – 2106 academic year.

 Students and Chaperones       at the Beijing Airport on April 17, 2015. All excited for their week in China!



  World Language Department Newsletter, Volume 1, February 2015


Happy New Year to all! Bonne Année! Felix sit Annus Novus! Feliz año nuevo! 
   (year of the sheep)
As we progress further into the (not so new) millennium, we are increasingly aware of how important knowledge of and communication in another language is vital to our success as individuals and as a culture. Twentieth century barriers are overcome by a new technology and a willingness to engage peoples around the world, so equipping our students with the tools to communicate effectively is our principal goal, our raison d'être. In order to meet these needs, Weston Public Schools offers students four languages: French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, and in doing so, reaches across an impressive spectrum of two modern European languages, a classical language, and a Far East language. We are grateful to a community that recognizes the importance of each of these offerings and is committed to supporting them in these difficult economic times. It should be noted that Weston High School will be offering Novice Mandarin to its students next year, thereby creating an additional entry point (to the 7th grade entry level) for this crucial language offering.
Please visit this page again sometime soon, as we will be updating it regularly with good news and information on our work.

Argentine students and their WHS hosts January 2015



Argentine Students and their Weston High School  hosts January 2015





Chinese New Year Celebration at the Weston Middle School

January 25 , 2015. Activities included various craft tables, folk art demo, dumpling-making and tasting, and speaking Chinese to a group of local native speakers and elderly visitors.  Other highlights will included student performances and other fun presentations. 






Party at Dr. Robert and Mrs. Amy Wu's home in October 2014

to celebrate the Chinese exchange program



WHS Students visit Buenos Aires
October 2014
WHS Students look forward to their trip to Argentina
WHS students and Spanish teacher Nicholas Pezzote look forward to their trip to Argentina
Weston High School Spanish students left on Sunday, October 12, 2014, for their 3 week stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The students are living with host families while experiencing the culture and furthering their communication skills while attending the Northlands School.  
Northlands School
Northlands School
First day of classes at Northlands School
First day of classes
Visit to San Antonio de Areco
Visiting San Antonio de Areco
On Wednesday, October 15, students visited San Antonio de Areco, the heart of the Argentine gaucho region, where they were treated to a presentation by a gaucho painter at his home. 
Gaucho house tour
Goucho tour and house

WHS Latin Scholars earn honors

WHS Latin scholars took the National Latin Exam on March 11-13, 2014.

Sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League, the exam gives students an opportunity to measure their progress in Latin language, culture and history.

See the list of awards and recipients

Congratulations to the students

who were recognized by the World Language Department

for excellence in 2014


World Language Undergraduate Achievement Awards and awards for Departmental Excellence are given in recognition of academic achievement, exemplary contribution to the learning environment, and/or noteworthy academic growth over the course of the school year. 


Click the link at the left to see the recipients of all the 2014 departmental awards for World Languages.


AP Latin students
at the Museum of Fine Arts
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
AP Latin students visited the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to explore the Greek and Roman collection in preparation for their upcoming exam on Vergil's Aeneid and Caesar's Gallic War.
Students then viewed several Renaissance and Modern works inspired by Classical literature and art, and in small groups created a video project showcasing the progression of Classical art.
See a video of the field trip


Latin III students present Roman Military Standards
Monday, December 9, 2013
      On Monday, December 9, 2013, Latin III students turned in a project assignment on “Roman Military Standards.” For the project, students were required to create a website that included information about these Military Standards, as well as produce a replica of one of them.
      Members of the Roman legion used Military Standards to distinguish various units of the army. Additionally they represented both the glory and honor of Rome. The Standards helped give directions to troops and organized them in the proper military formation. Standards were carefully guarded during battles and, when lost, the Romans sacrificed much to retrieve them.




¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année! Felix sit Annus Novus! 

These are of course best wishes in each of our language offerings for a happy new year.  It seems that with each passing year, proficiency in a second language becomes more and more crucial to proficiency as a global citizen. The 21st Century skill set that Weston Public Schools endeavor to cultivate in our students includes, among other traits, global awareness, curiosity and imagination, and effective written and oral communication, all of which are right up our disciplinary alley. In this century, our children are far more likely to encounter in our own streets a native Spanish or Mandarin speaker who struggles in English. Our global perspective encourages our students to be confident and willing to engage this and other such experiences in Spanish, Mandarin, or whatever the applicable language may be, so that they learn more from them. Travel abroad and the valuable lesson one learns when seeing how the rest of the world communicates, studies, interacts with the environment, sacrifices, lives, and plans for the future is part of this global citizenship that we stress. Our hope is that the new year opens opportunities for all our students to become more proficient global citizens.

-Cort Mathers, Foreign Language Department


The Foreign Language program in Weston is predicated on our strong belief that languages should be useful in the world outside of school and that said usefulness should last a lifetime.  Additionally, since languages are communicative tools, the study of languages should also focus attention on developing thinking skills and on helping students clarify their thoughts so that they can be shared with others accurately.  Finally, students need to feel engaged, challenged and rewarded in their learning if that learning is to continue into adulthood. To that end, we work to ensure that the learning of languages in Weston is an intellectually simulating, enjoyable, and relevant experience for all our students.


Oral language courses in Weston follow the proficiency model of language instruction reflected in the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and the National Standards for Education. That is, students are presented with both grammar and vocabulary in context and are encouraged to express themselves in the target language independent of a text as soon as possible. Awareness of cultural differences and similarities is also essential to a complete language education. Interdisciplinary themes allow students to use the language they acquire to learn about their world in general. They also demonstrate a more authentic use for the language as a means of communicating important information.
Teachers use multi-sensory methods such as computers, video, music, drama, food and games to make the material both meaningful and interesting for the students. Each level of instruction focuses attention on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

While Latin does not require the same instructional shift from a more traditional methodology to the proficiency model as do Spanish and French, curricular objectives for Latin have been modified to make study of the language more relevant to students. Projects, games and historical lessons complement working with grammar and vocabulary, which is presented in context and in an age-appropriate manner. In addition, students learn to recognize parts of speech and vocabulary derivatives which enhance their understanding of their native language. Study skills are an essential part of the curriculum as well. Advanced levels continue to address the classics written in Latin.

Students who have attained a reasonable level of mastery in a second language are encouraged to include a third language in their choice of courses in addition to maintaining their second language.

A minimum three-year high school foreign language course sequence is recommended for students seeking admission to competitive colleges. Many juniors and seniors use foreign language as one of the three College Board SAT-II subject tests frequently requested for college admissions. Our curriculum does not focus directly on standardized tests other than the Advanced Placement Exams. However, students who have completed the Spanish Intermediate Honors, French Intermediate Honors or Latin IV have been introduced to the full continuum of grammatical concepts and ample vocabulary. In most cases, this prepares students with the skills necessary for success on either the SAT II or the ACT tests. Colleges express no preference among languages.


For foreign exchange and travel opportunities, visit the Global Connections page


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