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April 2017 Science Symposium!  

Honors students completed an IRP (Individual Research Project) where they designed

and carried out their own experiment on a topic that was of interest to them.

This year the CP students worked in small groups to design a repair device for a broken chicken tibia. Students worked through the engineering design process in order to design a final product that, with a few constraints, could hold as much or more weight than the original unbroken bone.Their results were

on display in the cafeteria where they were able to present and discuss thier  work.


CP Biology Students (mostly 10th graders, a few 9th and 11th graders), will be attended the CP Design Challenge “Conference on Science”  in the Science Atrium.  
 They have been very busy working on their various projects (engineering design of an indirectly watered container for Plant X, and their discoveries from this experiment)   
This is the first phase of a 2 phase project – their next task is to take what they have learned from their fellow scientists and re-design their container to optimize the growth of the mystery plant.  Its a TON of work, but its also great to see them actively working on their problem solving skills in a real-life scenario. They will next be redesigning their experiment and present their final findings at the science symposium night in April.



WHS Grade 11 Field Trip
 Weston High School and the PTO Science and Math (SaM) Council  organized tours to various chemistry related labs for the entire grade of juniors.  The labs include Novartis, Biogen, Genzyme, LabCentral, Natick Labs, MIT Broad Institute, MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research / MIT Langer Lab, MIT Materials Engineering, and Boston University Geochemistry.  Many of the labs require 8 students to 1 adult  and we have over 200 students simultaneously going to 9 different locations.  

The purpose of the trip was to expose the students to a working environment where they could see the what they are learning in the classroom (theory) being applied in the real working world.  In addition, the students  got to interact with professionals across a broad spectrum of functional departments (e.g. business development, sales, research, lab, management, etc) and learned more about their jobs and how they chose their career.  The professionals  shared their undergraduate studies, how they may have changed their major, why they chose pharmaceutical companies, etc.  


About Grades 6-12 Sciences

Science is a discipline that builds knowledge and skills over the years, culminating in a solid understanding of scientific principles and practices upon graduation. Students are required to take three years of science and must pass a Science MCAS exam in order to graduate.

The science and technology program is designed to produce scientifically literate students who will understand the scientific method and the tentative nature of scientific truth. They will learn some of the major concepts, laws, and theories of the various sciences.


The majority of students follow the sequence: Introductory Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. For students who are ready for greater rigor, the department offers honors courses each year.


Eighth grade students whose academic record is clearly superior will be invited to take Honors Physics in the ninth grade. Students who excel in any science class will be invited to take an honors course the following year.


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Grades 6-12

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Erica Cole,  Grade 6-12 Department Head


Ms. Cole holds a BA in Neuroscience from Smith College, a Masters in Teaching Science from Simmons College, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from UMass Amherst.  She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at Simmons College.  Ms. Cole began teaching at Weston High School in 2008 after previously teaching in Western Massachusetts for five years.  From 2010 to February 2014, she served as Assistant Principal at Weston High School.

Erica Cole, Science Department Head Gr 6-12





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