Student Services

Weston Middle School prides itself on taking care of the whole child.  Please click on the links at the left for more information about Guidance and Health.


Weston Mddle School main telephone number is 781-786-5600.  To connect directly with an individual or department, you may dial 781-786 and the extension.


Special Education support is provided by

Liz Tedeschi, SST Aide (x5611)


Belinda Davenport, 6th Grade Learning Specialist (x5693)

Peggy Payne, 6th Grade Learning Specialist (X5736)


Janet McGrath, 7th Grade Learning Specialist (x5718)

Kristin McNulty, 7th Grade Long Term Sub. (X5721)


Sue Contente, 8th Grade Learning Specialist (x5659)

Rose Narciso, 8th Grade Learning Specialist (X5737)


Dr. Suzanne Brooks, School Psychologist (x5654)


Ellen Carlisle and Vickie Porter, Speech & Language Specialists (x5703)


Tamar Jeniski, ESL Teacher (5750)


METCO Academic Liason

Cyril Kakulu (x5626)


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