Hey, Country Kids (and parents)!!


PRESCHOOL continues to connect with topics discussed in their classroom.  This month it is Community Helpers. Check out  the Happy Hoppers singing a song about Fire Fighters!



KINDERGARTEN has met "Forte Frog" and "Piano Pig" to help us learn about dynamics in music.  We will start learning about the four different voices we have in our bodies and when it is appropriate to use each of them.  And all the while we are singing, singing, singing!!


FIRST GRADE has looked at varying tempos in music through singing, playing instruments, and moving.  We are now doing the same with dynamics using appropriate vocabulary with our listening examples.  Next we will look at duration before moving into our study of instruments of the orchestra.  We also play a singing circle game in almost every class, and will learn a new one this week called "Go In And Out The Window".


SECOND GRADE has begun their cross curriculum study of music around the world as they begin their study of People Who Make A Difference in their classrooms.  Due to the repeated generosity of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, students in this grade level get to work with Dan Foote, our Artist-In-Residence who is not only a Weston resident but is a professional percussionist and teacher who has performed, taught, and studied in many countries around the world.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS for a sharing day with parents on Wednesday, April 12th when we invite our families in to see what we have learned in our regular classrooms as well as in music class.


THIRD GRADERS are spending the month of January playing games and learning basic theory elements to prepare for our "Learning to play the Recorder"  Get ready parents. . . .recorders will come home the week before winter break in February.  Prepare to be entertained with absolutely beautiful music performed by your child.




Here are some links to fun websites to practice note names for the treble clef.


Click HERE for Whack A Note


Click HERE for Classics for Kids


See you soon!



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