Music Department Frequently Asked Questions

What is concert dress?
     Elementary schools
     Boys: White button down shirts and black pants
     Girls:   White tops and black skirts
     Middle School
     Ladies: White long sleeved blouse, floor length black skirt or dress pants, maroon sash, black stockings and black shoes.
     Gentlemen: White long sleeved shirt, black slacks, maroon bow tie and cummerbund, black shoes and socks.
     Maroon accessories are available for purchase from Weston Middle School for a nominal fee. In addition, the   Weston Friends of Music holds a     sale of pre-owned accessories each year as a fund raiser for the music program.
     High School
     Ladies: Long sleeved, floor length black dress or black blouse and floor length black skirt; black shoes
     Gentlemen: Black suit or tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund, black socks and shoes.
Can I take lessons?
Private lessons are available through the school but demand often exceeds availability. Registration for lessons occurs at the start of the year. Click here for private lesson registration.
What are the district festivals?
The Massachusetts Music Educators Association hosts a series of competitive music festivals to celebrate the achievements of the most dedicated young musicians in the state and to enrich their performance opportunities. The Junior Festival is open to Grades 7-9, as well as 6th grade chorus members. The Senior Festival is open to Grades 9-12. There are five districts; Weston is a member of the Eastern District. Participation is determined through auditions. The highest scoring auditions are eligible to audition for the All-State Festival, which combines the best performers from the entire state.
What happens on the Middle School music field trip?
At the end of every year, the middle school bands, orchestras and choruses participate in a juried concert program, which is held in central Massachusetts. The ensembles perform for a panel of judges and are assessed on musical technique, interpretation and professionalism. The group is then taken to Six Flags for a celebratory outing.
How can I volunteer to support the music program?
The Weston Friends of Music is actively involved in coordinating volunteer help. With such a large music program, there are many opportunities to support our musicians and faculty. Contact Jane Shay, to volunteer.
How do I rent an instrument?
The Music Department holds an instrument rental evening early September of each year during which students can rent instruments for one year.
SmartMusic is a subscription-based computer software application that helps students practice at home and complete assignments.  Click here for more information.
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