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How to Register for westonGrapevine

myGrapevine is the electronic communication system for the Weston School System as well as the community.  This is the primary communication vehicle between the schools and parents so it’s important for all families to be registered on myGrapevine.


To register in Weston, go to and create an account.  Follow the instructions to select your personal settings for topics and communications options.Sign up for myGrapevine messages


You are always able to change your selections by logging into your account. (Below are recommended options for parents to select when registering.) Go to or click on the link at the bottom of any myGrapevine message, or on the link at the bottom of any page of the Weston Public Schools website.  Click the link, then find and choose login in the upper right corner. 




 Recommended Basic Options for Weston Public School Parents



Topics:  Choose your topics from each tab.  We recommend that you choose the grade level for your children, at a minimum, however, you should review the list for special interests.  If, for example, your child plays a sport, be sure to sign up for the appropriate topic to get updates on sports.




Communications Options: We recommend that you receive messages as they are published as well as the daily summary:


…be sure to “Save”.



Done.  These are our recommended topics and communications options for parents.  You may choose whatever works best for you.

Sign up for myGrapevine messages


A note about Spam
Your email provider (;; etc) may flag e-mail messages from westonGrapevine as Spam or block these messages altogether.  This typically occurs when email recipients purposely or inadvertently identify such messages as spam, or the e-mail client application flags the message based on its algorithms.
To help us alleviate this issue:
  • If messages from Weston are being marked as Junk/Spam, please move them to your Inbox and/or indicate that they are not Spam.  Please do not delete them while they are in your Junk or Spam folder.
  • Please do not mark messages from westonGrapevine as spam or junk.
  • If you do not wish to receive messages from westonGrapevine, please unsubscribe.  You will find a link at the bottom of every message to do this.
Internet providers each have their own systems in place to filter messages and reduce the amount of spam messages you receive.  Your actions affect their filters’ algorithms.  By identifying messages from westonGrapevine as “good” you are helping to maintain our communications system.  If you are not getting your messages at all, please contact your email provider for assistance.
Lee McCanne, Ed.D.
Director of Technology and Libraries



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