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The Friends of Weston METCO is a group of Weston and Boston individuals and community organizations coming together to support and advocate for the continued success of the METCO Program.  The role of the Friends of Weston METCO is to promote the Weston METCO Program by communicating information about METCO's history, goals, accomplishments, and plans to the wider community. It fosters understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban families and other community members by creating opportunites for interaction.

  Lastly, they advocate for the continuation and improvement of the Program.


Friends of Weston METCO




    Cheryl Antoine                                

    Cristy Brackett                                

      Sheila Burkus                                   

      Theresa Burns                                  

Michelle Crawford-Cranmore       

     Polly Dickson                                 

      Theresa Dryden                               

        Laura Efron                                       

       David Fuller                                     

      Ilene Horowitz                                 

    Madelaine Kenyon (Chair)             

  Kelly Kirmelewicz                          

    Paul Lualdi                                      

  Elizabeth Nagarajah                        

   Rajesh Pareek                                 

     Mary Pughe                                       

La Toya Rivers (METCO Director) 


2015-2016 Meeting Dates

all meetings in Principal’s Conference Room at WHS from 7pm to 8pm unless noted

All are welcome!

Tuesday, October 6th

Tuesday, November 17th

Tuesday, January 5th

Tuesday, March 1st

Tuesday, May 3rd


May 2016
Dear Supporters of Weston METCO,
We are approaching our 50th year of having the METCO Program in our Weston Schools!
Weston was one of the original founding school systems to embrace the METCO program in 1966. This
program has given our schools a diverse student body which sparks meaningful conversation and friendships
in the classroom.
For 5 of the last 6 years, METCO has not received level funding from the State of Massachusetts. Weston Public
Schools has been supplementing monies to maintain successful initiatives like SOAR (Summer Opportunity in
Academics and Recreation) and the Family Friends Afterschool Program. We need your financial support to ensure
sustainability of these high-impact academic opportunities!
Due to budget cuts, the Family Friends Program is in jeopardy. This program pairs each METCO student with a Weston
family friend and helps to foster their relationship by providing after school activities that they can do together. This
relationship not only provides Boston children with the security of having a Weston “home away from home,” in case of
an emergency, but it also offers Boston families a critical connection in an unfamiliar community. The Family Friends
Program is a unique link in Weston’s METCO experience and big reason why our program is so successful. Your
donation will help support this important program.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the Friends of Weston METCO Committee
through the school website
Thank You!!
Friends of Weston METCO Committee Members (FWM)
Your donation Can and Will make a difference!
A $100 provides a scholarship for a HS student to work over the summer to get a jump start on AP courses.
A  $200 will cover sponsorship of a student’s tuition for SOAR, ensuring academic gains and preparation for the fall.
A $30 donation will cover snacks and materials for one week of the Family Friends After-school Program.
A $150 donation will sponsor a Family Friends trip for Boston and Weston students to spend the afternoon building friendships.
Did You Know?
• We have 169 METCO students in Weston Public Schools.
• The majority of our METCO students started in kindergarten.
• 99% of our Weston METCO students graduate compared to 64% of Boston High School students.
Other ways to get involved
• Join our committee!
• Become a family friend.
• Volunteer to help with a METCO activity.
Friends of Weston METCO Committee Members (FWM)
The Friends of Weston METCO Committee (FWM), formerly known as the Community Coordinating Committee, is
dedicated to the mission of bringing together the Boston and Weston Communities in order to foster a diverse learning and
social experience for all of our students.
Click here to download the letter and donation slip

When writing letters this year, we think it is most productive to contact key legislative leaders (see link below) in addition to our local legislators, who support METCO.  Your letters should be copied to our local legislators (addresses below), and a hard copy should be mailed of any email that you send.  Please review all material by clicking on the link below.

                            Legislative Contact Information

The FY11 budget process has begun.  Strategy planning meetings will be arranged with key delegation members and METCO family representatives.

Thank you for your interest and support.

 Weston METCO Community Coordinating Committee


Contact Information for Legislators Representing Weston 
Representative Alice Peisch
State House, Room 26
Boston, MA 02133
Phone:  617-722-2080

Senator Michael. J. Barrett
State House, Room 416
Boston, MA 02133
Phone:  617-722-1572







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