WHS Science Department Curriculum


Note: There is always the possibility that courses listed in the Program of Studies may not run due to low enrollment or budget constraints.

For all current classes please download the 2016- 2017 Program of Studies



The science and technology program is designed to educate scientifically literate students who will understand the scientific method and the tentative nature of scientific truth. They will learn some of the major concepts, laws, and theories of the various sciences. The majority of students follow the sequence: Introductory Physics, Biology, Chemistry, electives or AP electives. For students who are ready for greater rigor, the department offers honors courses each year. Students who excel in any science class will be invited to take an honors course the following year. Eighth grade students are recommended for either CP Physics or Honors Physics in the ninth grade based on four factors: 1) science grades earned in the 8th grade; 2) results of AMC-8 math testing; 3) results of a test of abstract reasoning administered in the spring (GALT test); and 4) specific recommendation from the 8th grade teacher based on the student’s performance in class throughout the year.




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