Library Media Program

The Weston Public Schools’ Library Media Program enriches and supports the incorporation of local, state and national educational standards thereby preparing students to become efficient and effective users of information. With this preparation, our students will become informed lifelong learners ready to contribute to our society and the global community.


The mission of the Weston Public Schools’ Library Media Program is:

  • To ensure that the students and staff are effective and ethical users of ideas and information.
  • To provide a wide range of current resources and information to support the curriculum and to satisfy the educational and recreational needs and interests of the students.
  • To maintain a diverse collection of materials which represent various points of view on current and historical issues.
  • To provide instruction in information literacy and fostering competence in reading, viewing, finding and using information and ideas.
  • To promote a love of reading and encouraging the appreciation of fine literature.
  • To encourage our school community to continue learning throughout their lives and to help them acquire the necessary strategies and skills to do so.
  • To create a welcoming physical environment that acts as the information hub for the school.
  • To collaborate with teachers in developing and integrating school curricula

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