Guidance Seminars

Preparing for the workforce is part of a Weston High School education.  Beginning with Career Exploration in the sophomore year and ending with the Senior Internship, students will learn to assess their personality and skills to evaluate professional opportunities, learn how to search for and obtain employment and gain on the job experience.


Guidance Seminars are the curricular offerings of the Guidance Department.  Click here to view the complete Program of Studies,



Second Semester .5 Credits
This is the first of two courses offered by the Guidance Department that is
aimed at helping students achieve their post-high school goals. This pass/fail
course is designed to assist all juniors with their planning for college and other
opportunities. The course meets once per rotation. Students will create a
portfolio breaking down all aspects of a potential postsecondary applications into more
manageable steps. Students will develop an activity list, practice interviewing,
research postsecondary programs, continue to explore possible career interests, and develop a
timeline to manage all the testing and application deadlines.


First Semester .5 Credits
Utilizing new information students gained over the summer, this course will
provide students with direction and assistance in the actual submission of
applications, reminders of deadlines, and be a continual mode of
communication by which counselors can convey necessary and important
information to students. Graded pass/fail, this course meets once every
rotation, and there will be time built in for individual meetings with your
guidance counselor.


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