Guidance Seminar 11-Course Syllabus

The purpose of Guidance Seminar 11 is to help you navigate the process for planning an achieving your post-secondary goals. By the end of the semester, you will have compiled information that is personal, meaningful, and helpful as you work through the summer and into your senior year.


For a printable copy of this syllabus, see the Naviance Documents Library.

Rotation #1 

Syllabus & Overview of the BIG PICTURE

Roles of counselors and interns (Responsibilities of Students, Parents and Guidance)

Identify interests / Learning style

Managing stress

Standardized test review / Khan Academy

Career Interest Profiler Review/College Majors

Rotation #2

“The Beginning…helping you find the right match”

Building a College List

The Campus Visit

Rotation #3

Components of the Common Application

The Application Essay

Teacher Recommendations (who to ask and why)

Rotation #4

Understanding the Admission Process

Mock Admission Committee Activity



Other Post-Graduate Options!

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Completing Assignments

Previewing June Academy Brown Bag Series


NO CLASSES IN Q4. Coverend in workshops, individual meetings or in Senior Internship include:

College athletics and the NCAA Clearinghouse

Considerations for visual and performing arts applicants



In order to pass Guidance Seminar 11 for Q3 the following MUST be submitted to your counselor:

  • First meeting with counselor
  • Graduation Requirements Checklist
  • Transcript, signed by both student and parent with corrections and/or explanations of unusual academic experiences
  • Transcript Addendum (if applicable)
  • Parent Brag Sheet (or completed in Naviance)

Completed in Naviance:

  • Introspective Survey
  • My Resume (or Resume/Activity List attached as a Journal Entry and shared with your counselor)
  • Career Interest Profiler


In order to pass Guidance Seminar 11 (for the year) the following MUST be submitted to your counselor in addition to the ones above:

  • Second meeting with counselor

Completed in Naviance:

  • GS11 Survey
  • Community Service Survey 
  • Working list of Prospective Colleges




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