Guidance Seminar 12 Course Syllabus

Guidance Seminar 12 Course Syllabus
The purpose of this one-quarter course is to guide students through the application process and provide
structured time to work on college applications and related materials. Guidance Seminar 11 was
devoted to the post-secondary search process whereas this course will help you determine your final
post-secondary list and ultimately submit applications to institutions. A major component of applying
to college is making sure that the various sections of the application (which are sent separately) all
arrive at the college on time. This is a detail-oriented process which we will help you coordinate and
work to complete during class. Remember that in the first half of the year many of you will be
applying to colleges, but it won’t be until the second half of the year (in most cases) that you must
make a final decision on where to attend. To that end, set goals for yourself that are reasonable and
utilize your guidance counselor and all the resources available to you.
Rotation #1
-  Syllabus overview
-  General expectations for senior year
        - Feedback from last year’s seniors
-  Role of Guidance Intern
-  Application process  how do I appl?
-  Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!
        - Applications, SAT/ACT
-  The Application “Checklist”
-  Choosing the Option for the Guidance Letter of Recommendation;
-  Completing the IEP/504 Release Form, if applicable
-  Completing the Transcript Request Form 
-  Naviance
       - College Visits
       - Maintaining your college list
       - Resume/Activity List – be sure to include relevant details in the Notes section for each activity
         (include your role, awards or honors, how long you have been participating –
         the more information you include, the more detailed and richer your counselor’s letter will be)
Rotation #2
-  Finalizing post graduate plans
-  Financial aid application
-  The Guidance Admission packet
-  Double checking the transcript – Graduation Requirements review, pick up transcript from Ms. Wadsworth
-  How counselors complete the School Report Form
-  What to do if you’ve been suspended
-  Senior Internship preview 
-  Completion of work (as described below) in order to pass GS 12, including an individual meeting with your
 due by the close of term 1
Rotations #3- 5
During these classes, students will work at their own pace on the pieces of the application process that they need to complete. Students should bring their laptops (if they have them) and all usernames and passwords for accounts they will need to access (College Board, Common App, Coalition App, ACT, etc.).
This course is pass/fail and ends at the conclusion of the first quarter. You will receive a passing
grade when the following have been completed:
  • You are on track to fulfilling your graduation requirements and have completed and signed the Graduation Requirements Checklist and attached it to your updated transcript.
  • You have a solid and appropriate list of colleges, entered into Naviance, or an alternate postgraduate plan, that you have shared and discussed with your counselor.
  • You have completed your Resume (including the Notes section for each activity) in Naviance OR have uploaded an Activity List as a Journal Entry (shared) in Naviance.
  • You have turned in a recommendation Option Sheet signed by you and a parent, and the IEP/504 Release form, if applicable.
  • You have completed the Senior Internship information form in Naviance.
  • You have had a senior meeting with your counselor to talk about your post-graduation plans.

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