Community Service and Paid Work Opportunities

Outside of academics, students benefit from life skills learned in the work place.  This can be gained through unpaid or paid work.  Weston High School grants credit for certain kinds of community service.  We offer opportunities for paid work as well, by posting positions on this website.


Community Service


There are two types of community service recognized by Weston High School, one is for recognition in the form of a community service award and the other is for credit. There are key differences in the requirements and timeframes for completion of the service activities.

  • Community Service for Recognition Certificate: Students who perform a minimum of 20 hours of community service, above and beyond any other obligation, will be recognized at Class Day/Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. Service hours performed between May of the previous academic year and May of the current year are eligible for recognition, including hours performed over the summer. This form along with all write-ups is due the first Friday of MayLate submissions may receive a certificate but will not be recognized at the awards ceremony
  • Community Service for Credit: ·Performing community service to complete a credits requirement may earn a maximum of one credit per year by completing 30 hours of service; 15 hours for one-half credit.  These hours cannot apply towards a Recognition Certificate; only hours above and beyond those required for the credit will apply. Service hours performed between the start of school in September 2015 and the last day of classes in June 2016 are eligible for credit. Hours performed over the summer may not be applied to community service for credit. The form for receiving credit, along with your write-ups, is due June 7, 2016. Seniors’ hours must be complete by May 31, 2016 and turned into your counselor by June 1, 2016.

In order to be recognized for completing community service students must complete the appropriate Community Service Form. There is one form for those doing community service for a certificate and one for those doing community service for credit. Please see the forms for details. Forms are also available in the guidance office. 


Click here for current community service opportunities through the Student Activities Office. A broader view of local opportunities can be found at Teen Life Boston's website



Work Permits


So, you want to get a job?! In order to complete the employment process with a company, you need to comply with certain legal regulations that are stipulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are changes to this process that are made fairly regularly, so we have provided this document to assist you through the process. Students need to follow the steps outlined in the Work Permit Directions. Download the Work Permit Directions before contacting Chris Wadsworth, the Guidance Secretary, who issues the official work permit.


Click here for the link to the state form.

Click here to download the April 2016  Child Labor Parent letter and Fact sheet from the Office of the Attorney General



Paid Work Opportunities


Summer Job Opportunities 2017
for Weston Teens and Young Adults
To connect with WCCA families for job opportunities,
please complete this survey by May 19, 2017
The WCCA will compile the results into a secure online directory for families to resource when seeking assistance.
Regular, long-term positions as well as project work welcome.
Posted 5/12/17




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