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Academic Support / Tutors

It is the belief of the Guidance Department that the decision to get a tutor is a personal decision that requires a positive connection between the student and the tutor.  The Guidance Department does not endorse or recommend any one over the other.  Because there is tremendous variety in the styles of tutors, we suggest making phone calls to determine the most appropriate match of personalities, schedules, etc. The tutors on this list have submitted in writing a request to be placed on our Tutor List.  No background check (CORI) was done on any of the tutors and no information has been provided from students/parents as to the effectiveness of any of the tutors.  This list is merely the conduit through which outside tutors can make you aware of their services.  If you have any questions, please contact Marla Schay, Guidance Department Head.

List of Tutors in Excel format (Please note that you can print this file, reducing it to a single page.)



Social, Emotional and Personal Support

In addition to working with all students to achieve academic success and assisting in developing a meaningful plan for life after high school, counselors help students balance all aspects of their lives in order to support personal growth. The school has on staff a Youth Counselor available for students' personal couseling. Guidance counselors and these professionals are resources for outside supports as well.

Click here for a list of local resources and hotlines.

Youth Counselor

Savann Donovan, LICSW, provides individual and group counseling to high school and middle school students. She is available to talk about a variety of issues, including stress, family issues, conflict with peers, depression, and anxiety.  Except for certain life-threatening situations, no information is shared with school or other personnel without express written consent by the student and his/her parents. Lindsay’s office is located directly across from the Guidance Department.  She can be reached by email or phone.


For more information, contact Savann directly at (781) 786-5847 or


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