Course Selection

Course selection


Changing and dropping courses



Course Selection
Choosing appropriate courses should be a very reflective process. It requires students to think about their strengths and weaknesses, what has worked and hasn’t worked, and what goals they wish to achieve in the next year. We have found it helpful for students to go through this exercise with their parents before the conversation of “Which courses should I take?” occurs. The amount of work a student is ready to commit to should be a healthy complement to any extra-curricular activities she/he wants to maintain. Further, we believe students should have down time to spend with their family, and friends, and to independently engage in hobbies and socializing. Over-scheduling, or stretching yourself too thin, puts your ability to have a positive and successful year at risk. Students should have a balance in their life between school, co-curricular activities, family, and friends. The courses you choose can greatly support this balance or it can tilt it off-balance.
Deciding whether or not to take honors or advanced placement courses can be a difficult decision. When making this decision, it is important to remember several things. First and foremost, students should enjoy the subject content. We encourage all students to work towards their best ability, but students in honors/AP courses should have demonstrated an aptitude and interest in that particular area. Second, it is not always possible to drop down to the lower level either because a particular section is full or because the disruption is too great to move other courses around. Students should be prepared to commit to that class for the year when they register for it. Third, for college admissions, the general rule of thumb you should apply is to take the most demanding program that does not compromise the quality of grades that have been achieved in previous years. In other words, students shouldn’t be willing to accept a drop in grade solely because they are taking a harder course; this could have an adverse affect on them in the college process. With this said, we also encourage students to take an academic challenge or risk when they are ready. 
Lastly, it is important to know that there will be no summer scheduling. Students will receive their schedules early in June and must resolve their schedule changes with their counselor before leaving school for the summer. Unresolved schedule requests will be addressed when counselors return in September. All these considerations should be present when deciding what courses to take. 
Scheduling for 2017
Counselors will be available to speak to parents by phone on Monday to Wednesday, February 22th-24th.
Students will meet with their counselors according to the following schedule:
Current 11th grade: 3/1 - 3/3
Current 10th grade: 3/6 - 3/8
Current 9th grade: 3/9 -3/14
Make up (all grades): 3/17
Current 8th grade: 3/15 - 3/16 (at the middle school), although Course Request Forms are due at the middle school by 3/1)
Course Override Request forms available below. Please note that current middle school students should use the form for incoming 9th grade. They are due to department heads no later than 3/18 and must be signed by students, parents, teachers, counselors and department heads after discussions with teachers.
If you need to reprint your course request form, please click below. We ask that students bring their course recommendation sheets to the meeting with their counselors
Dropping and Changing Courses
The Infinite Campus parent portal eliminates traditional Progress Reports.  Therefore, the deadlines for changing levels and dropping courses must be carefully understood
Dropping a second semester course altogether has the following implications:
a) Dropping between the start of the semester through the second rotation of third quarter results in no record of   that course. 
b) Dropping between the end of the second rotation through the end of the third quarter results in a ”Withdrawal” for that course. 
c) Dropping after the end of the third quarter results in a final grade of “F” for that course.



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