As a 6th grade team of teachers, we have identified four core values that are crucial to the success of our students – both as participants in our classrooms and as positive members of the middle school community at large. The four core values are:

  • Relationships – Treating and valuing others in a respectful manner.
  • Awareness – Presenting oneself as a positive member of our school community.
  • Learning – Learning is a journey that sometimes requires mistakes.
  • Integrity – Leading others by doing the right thing in a variety of situations.

Using the acronym, RALI, we’ve incorporated these values into the statement, “We must RALI for our success.” Thanks to a generous WEEFC grant, we hired a graphic designer to create a poster for us. We printed copies for each classroom and gave each student a copy of the design for the cover of their RALI binder.

In our morning meeting assemblies every Tuesday, these RALI themes have been at the center of our conversations. During the month of December, we focused on Integrity. We watched video clips from various media sources showing examples of students and adults demonstrating integrity around the world. Teachers shared examples they observed of students acting with integrity. And most powerful of all were the 6th grade students themselves who shared examples they witnessed of their classmates leading others by doing the right thing in a variety of situations.



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