English as a Second Language



The ELL Goals of the Weston Public Schools


English Language Learner (ELL) Program provides:


        -  A positive, culturally respectful environment

           for learning


       -   English language instruction to English

           Language Learners to enable them to develop the 

           reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in

           English to be academically successful


       -   Sheltered English instruction to English

           Language Learners in their general education

           classrooms to enable them  to successfully access



ELL teachers work closely with the Office of Student Services, principals, guidance counselors, classroom teachers, and other support staff to provide meaningful language and academic support to their students.


Questions regarding the English Language Learner Program may be directed to:


Jennifer Truslow, Assistant Director of Student Services, 781-786-5240

Maria Morong, Teacher - Woodland and Field School   781-786-5462

Jennifer Pandey, Teacher - Country School    781-786-5987

Tamar Jeniski, Teacher - Middle and High School   781-786-5750

Michelle McElwaine, Teacher- Middle and High School 781-786-5750



ELL Program Update - report presented to School Committee 2/9/16


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