Senior Internship Course

Program Coordinator:  Corey Guerra, 781-786-5931

Internship Coordinator: Brenda Messervy 781-786-5912

Mentoring Guidelines




2016 Calendar of Deadlines and Important Dates

January 14-May 6 Senior Career Seminar Course
April 6
CAREER DAY – You will have an opportunity to listen to people speak on their careers and potentially be able to network for internships.
March 21 END OF TERM 3 – All assignments for the term are due.
March 31 INTERNSHIPS APPROVED – All students should have met with Mr. Guerra to discuss your internship. All internships should be approved and in process by this time.  Any exceptions are at the discretion of Mr. Guerra.
April 30
MBTA PASS- Last day to order discounted student MBTA passes from Mrs. Kaskon in the Main Office.
May 6 LAST DAY OF CLASS – All course work in all courses must be completed, and textbooks and library books returned with the exception of materials for Advanced Placement courses which are being tested the week of May 5.
May 9 – May 31 INTERNSHIP - All Seniors at their work sites for six hours per day. Journal assignments need to be completed and typed each day while on the internship.
If you are absent from the internship site, you must call the Attendance Office, Business Office, and mentor as early as possible that day, and each day in the event of extended absence. A Weston faculty member will be calling you and your mentor Individually at least once each week to check on progress.
June 1 POST INTERNSHIP FORMS DUE – Submit all assignments (Journal, Thank You letter, and Evaluation of Internship) to Mr. Guerra.



The Senior Internship Course is designed to continue the career exploration you began in the sophomore year and to prepare you for your worksite internship placement.  The curriculum will include activities, surveys, assignments, and research related to future employment These will include resume writing, interviewing skills, work ethics, and workplace behavior.  In addition a unit on person financial literacy will be completed that will include credit cards, checking accounts, insurance, credit rating, taxes, etc. 
The last three weeks of the Senior Internship Course consists of a full-time internship placement at a company or an organization.  A minimum of six hours each day, five days per week, is required.  Allowances for AP classes and exams are made.  Students are encouraged to pursue their own internship leads.  Those needing assistance may refer to the Internship Placement Directory and see Mrs Freiberg. Internship placements created independently of the Senior Internship program must be submitted for approval and interviews held by March 31, 2016.
Review topics covered in the Sophomore Career Exploration Seminar.
Further identify careers that relate to one’s personal profile.  
Research identified careers.
Calculate lifestyle costs and budgets.   
Become financially literate.
Write a resume and develop interviewing skills.  
Consider workplace expectations and etiquette.  
Experience a workplace environment.
Interact with career professionals.
Gain an in-depth understanding of a career.
Class attendance is very important and expected.  However, if you are absent from class, you MUST see Mr. Guerra BEFORE the next class.  At that time you will submit the assignment that was due on the day of your absence, review the class work you missed, and be given the new assignment.
1) Show up on time and be prepared to learn and participate
2) Respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs
3) Respect everyone’s space and belongings
4) Students can expect the same respect from fellow students and myself
5) Students will be held accountable for the listed policies
All school rules outlined in the student handbook will be enforced.  Make sure you are familiar with the handbook.  Any cell phone that is being used with be taken by Mr. Guerra.  
Computers will be used for many assignments and personal computers are allowed in class.  However, it is up to the discretion of Mr. Guerra as to when they can be used.  If a computer (school or personal) is not being used for school related activities, Mr. Guerra has the right to restrict computer access in class.
Course assignments are graded as follows: √+ = 100%, √ = 80%, and √- = 65%. 
Assignments submitted on time and completed according to all directions will receive a √+.  Assignments submitted late and completed according to all directions will receive a √.  Assignments submitted on time and not completed according to all directions will receive a √.  Assignments submitted late and not completed according to all directions will receive a √-.  Assignments never submitted will receive a grade of zero.  
Attendance is MANDATORY at the internship site and will be documented.  Mentors are making a serious commitment to the program and they expect students to do the same.  In the unlikely event of an absence, students MUST call the Attendance Office), the Business Office and their mentor before she or he is scheduled to arrive.  


Participating seniors are responsible for arranging their own transportation. Discounted student MBTA passes are available through the school but must be ordered during April.




Printable Course Documents

Course Syllabus

Course Overview

Mentoring Guidelines



Mr. Guerra is in the Business Office Monday through Friday from 10:00-3:30.  Additional times may be arranged by appointment. You may also reach him by email or 781-786-5957. 





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