Senior Internship Mentoring Guidelines

Senior Internship Mentoring Guidelines
Monday, May 9, 2016 - Tuesday May 31, 2016
1) Meet with the intern for an initial interview.
Approach it like an interview for a paid position in your organization.  Ask similar questions.
Explain your role or position within the organization.
Explain the intern’s role.  Share your expectations.  Be as specific as possible.  What are the intern’s responsibilities?  What skills and areas of knowledge are required? 
Provide the intern with specific details regarding parking, dress, lunch, etc., for your organization.  
2) On the first day, give the intern an overview of your organization. 
Introduce the intern to people with whom he or she will be working.
Show the students his or her work area and review daily tasks.
3) Daily activities:
Include the intern in your daily activities, such as organizational meetings, whenever possible.
Provide your intern with opportunities to experience job-related tasks and responsibilities (observation followed by hands-on involvement).
4) Converse with your intern on a regular basis.  Topics can include:
Your job training, education, experiences and acquired job skills.
The future of job opportunities in your field.
Suggestions about college courses and education relevant to your career.
5) Schedule weekly meetings with the intern.
Review the intern’s performance, answer questions, and offer insights.
Sign the intern’s time log.
6) You will be asked to complete an evaluation of the intern at the end of the program.  It will remain confidential.  However, if you wish, you may choose to review it with your intern.






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