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Photo of  Weston Town Hall Black and Wihite Dance 1/28/17

Please read the following message from Kathryn Augustine, who is a member of the yearbook staff. 2/7/17

Dear Class of 2017 Parents, 


We are currently working hard on the opening section of this year’s yearbook. For this section, we want to include pictures from the seniors’ early years in elementary school all the way up to their senior year at Weston High. We would really appreciate if you could send us any pictures that you have of the Class of 2017, particularly pictures from when they were younger (kindergarten through fifth grade). Please send any pictures that you want to be included in the senior section of the yearbook to



2017 Yearbook Staff


Kathryn Augustine

Weston High School Class of 2017


Since 2001, Weston High School classes have been hosting the Special Olympics of Massachusetts Qualifying Basketball Tournaments as their class community service projects and the Class of 2017 has had the honor for the last few years.
This event is not only a great day for the athletes and their families, but also a positive and uplifting experience for the Weston student volunteers who both run the event and solicit donations.
Thank you for supporting the Classes of 2017 & 2020 and the Special Olympics of Massachusetts!
The Class of 2017 Special Olympics Committee
Kyle Brisky        Holly Hardiman    Sarah Ott        Abbey Phaneuf
Kylie Burkus        John Kakridas        Veronica Rigobon    Katie Upton
Cricket Fligor        Joey Lembo        Naomi Rubin        Ben White
Charlie Hattabaugh    Michael Malenfant    Meg Peacher        Tina Ziobro
Andrew Kettle        Kelsey McGeough    Natalie Pettirossi


The class officers are planning a senior breakfast in January to celebrate the end of college application deadlines and the end of the quarter. These are a huge hit with the kids and are well attended so the officers plan to do them on a regular basis. To cover the costs and to make it easy for everyone (i.e., you don't have to bring donuts to the school at 6:40 am), we have created a breakfast fund so parents can contribute toward the cost of food and drinks. All you need to do is donate, we will do the rest! Here is the link to the fund on Webtrac: 2017 Breakfast Fund.

Class of 2017 Officers

Ongoing Special Olympics Volunteering Opportunities

Special Olympics is our class charity but unfortunately we only have one day a year to show how much we care! Unfortunately, it sometimes overlaps with WHS swim team championships so many students cannot participate; also many students have expressed a desire to volunteer at other times. So two years ago we forged a partnership between our high school and the Heated Lions Special Olympics team that practices at Rivers School throughout the year (they play soccer and basketball). Their first practice is Sunday, October 30th at 1 pm at the Rivers School and they are looking for WHS volunteers! When we started our partnership two years ago we proposed a "no minimum hours to commit" because in the past Special Olympics wanted students to commit for the entire season. Instead, we told them if they were flexible we would provide them with the numbers they needed. And produce we did! They had so many volunteers from WHS who showed up in numbers every week (the WHS Girls Varsity Basketball team changed their practice time so they could be there) suddenly the parent involvement on the court went from eighty percent to zero. That meant the parents of the athletes, who previously had to sit on the court to be there "just in case", could leave their kids and go to a conference room and either 1) hang out with other parents 2) talk about topics parents who have children with special needs care about or 3) just chill. The head of volunteers said this at the end of the first season: "it felt like Christmas every Sunday." So please encourage your kids to sign up in the following ways! The website is here. To volunteer it is really easy: they can email Kathy Pacquette  or they can just show up at 1 pm on a Sunday at the Rivers School gym ready to help out and have a great time (wearing sneakers). At some point they will need to fill out some paperwork but the Heated Lions are very casual. They will also receive community service hours for their service but, more important, this will be the highlight of their week, guaranteed


Class of 2017 Parent Advisors Ginia Ziobro, Colleenkettle and Dana Markmann


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Tom Mosley

Tina Ziobro

Andrew Kettle

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Cort Mathers

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Colleen Kettle

Ginia Ziobro

Dana Markmann




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