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Thanks, Class of 2019

Dear Sophomore Parents and Guardians,


As many of you may already know, each year the Sophomore class is responsible for hosting and planning the Weston High School graduation reception. This year it will take place on Friday, June 2nd in front of the Town Hall immediately following the graduation ceremony.  This special event is a long-standing tradition and great care is taken to make it beautiful and memorable for all who attend.  We need your help in making this event a success!  Please consider volunteering (to help during the event or to bake - slots below) or making a monetary donation to help supplement the purchasing of the other food, beverages, flowers and materials that are needed. The event Co-chairs, Patty Sins and Jill Fitzhenry, will take on all of the purchasing, and delivering, in an effort to alleviate unnecessary running around on the part of volunteers who would otherwise be purchasing and delivering within a very particular and tight time-frame.   


At the reception, we will be serving the traditional fare:  mini sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, assorted brownies and cookies, and punch.  The tables will be adorned with beautiful flowers and fabrics.  We are also responsible for providing snacks and water for the graduates during their flower pinning, as well as,  providing snacks and water for the graduates’ bus trip to their secret post-graduation celebration destination.  We know this is a busy time for everyone, and appreciate any help you can give us.  Please see what we need below and choose what works best for your family.  Thank you! 


Please click the following link to sign-up:

For monetary donations the suggested donation is $20 per family.  That said, we appreciate any donation that feels right for your family.



Thank you!

Susan Garofalo, Class of 2019 parent advisor

Cristen Tabors, Class of 2019 parent advisor

Michelle Nickerson, Class or 2019 parent advisor

Patty Sins, Co-Chair for Graduation Reception

Jill Fitzhenry, Co-Chair for Graduation Reception


Class of 2019 before the October 2016 Boat Cruise


Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2019,

It was quite a busy October with both the Harbor Cruise and the Haunted House.  Both events were huge successes!!

As for the haunted house, many thanks to all the parents for their support before, during and after the event and especially a BIG THANKS to the Muzila Family for storing the decorations for the past year. An additional thanks to all the parents that donated funds to offset some of the expenses of the haunted house.  It certainly takes a village to design, implement and execute an event like this.  We had 110 students involved and over 350 community paying attendees.

Looking to the future, our officers are currently working on selling sweatpants with the Class of 2019 logo and we will also finally have time to sell the "pink opportunity basket" (supporting Dana Farber) during school lunch. 


Thanks for all your support.  Best, Susan & Cristen  




Class Officers:

Vice President:
Student Advisory Council Rep:
Student Council Representatives:


Whitney Sins
Kelly Kirk
Christina Costa
Arda Cataltepe
Skylar Wolf






Faculty Advisors:

Henry Moon

Thea Ruggiano





Parent Advisors:

Susan Garofalo

Cristen Tabors




High School PTO:


Chair: Nancy Trodden











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