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The WHS Dance Team at the 2015 Student Activities Fair

Dance Team Competes in Hip Hop Division

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Westfield, MA

Please congratulate Dance Team on their wonderful performance at the New England Dance Championship on Sunday, March 2, 2014, in Westfield.  


For many on our team this was their first competition.


Dance Team is comprised of Shalini Sreedhar (11th grade), Joanna Tao (11th grade), Karen Huang (10th grade), Sumin Hong (9th grade), Valerie Lehr (9th grade), Fenny Zhou (9th grade), Karen Jiang (9th grade), and Ginger Fan (9th grade).


These ladies worked very hard to prepare for competition, practicing 3 times a week for months! All that hard work clearly paid off as they pulled their routine off without a hitch, receiving compliments from both judges and fellow competitors!

Watch their performance



Cheers for Weston High School Dance Team !

The Weston High School Dance Team places
third in the UDA New England Dance Championship
Sunday, March 10, 2013
Led by new advisor, Ellen Wu, and choreographed by Nicole Proto, who came all the way from New York to coach the team this year, the team of eight competed in the Varsity Hip Hop division in their final competition of the 2012-2013 school year at Westfield University.
Since the previous competition was canceled due to the snow storm, the girls were all happy to end the school year with this good award!
The members of the team are captain, Jackie Wu, assistant captain, Sindhu Sreedhar, Mady Stanwich, Catherine Zhao, Shalini Sreedhar, Earn Wiyarand, Danielle Husley, and Karen Huang. 
Earlier in the school year, the team performed at half time of the Weston Football the Pink Game in honor of the America Cancer’s Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness month,
at Weston Football the Pink Game, and at the school’s Thanksgiving pep rally.
This year marks the dance team’s 10th anniversary. 




From the November 2009 Issue of Wildcat Tracks


The high school experience is all about trying new things and gaining new skills. Four young men, sophomore Sarpong Adu-Gyanfi, junior Danny Lee, and freshmen Alexis Mundo and Scott Mooney, have been doing just this by practicing with the traditionally all-girls dance team. Over the past couple of weeks, the four skilled dancers have been teaching the girls their own style of “tutting,” “B-boying,” “jerking” and many more as well as learning the distinct styles of the talented and award-winning dance troupe. The problem that the team now faces is for the boys to feel support in performing with the group in front of the school. They are unsure how their fellow students will react to the uncharted territory of boys on the WHS dance team.

Even though the members of the dance team realize how talented their new male members are, there are still some skeptics throughout the school. “I think they will enhance the dance team and that is cool, but I hope that they aren’t coming out wearing ‘Solows’ and booty shaking,” said senior Derek Kachadurian.

Most students are concerned whether or not the boys will be good, or if the dance team will benefit having them on the team. “I think it is fine,[but] it all depends if they are good or not,” said senior Iliyan Vlasakov “If they are good I will gain mad respect for them, but if they are bad, I don’t know what I will do.”

With the new members of the squad, the girls on the dance team will learn different techniques from the boys that they have never seen before. Lee, a master of “b-boying,” is bringing his rough urban street style to the team. B-boying is a form of break dancing that will bolster the hip-hop aspect of the dance team. This dance style incorporates strong acrobatics and athletic movements that are very difficult for the typical untrained dancer to master.


To read the full article, click here.





Dance Team
Club Advisor: Ms. Mary Liu
Mission/Goals: If you like to dance, this activity might be for you! Dance Team is fun, but also requires dedication because it is a full year commitment. The Dance Team learns hip hop routines throughout the year and performs them at Weston High School sporting events, community events, and competitions. Help represent Weston with rhythm and spirit!





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