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SADD at the 2014 Activities Fair

 Tips for Parents:

• Recent SADD/Liberty Mutual Teens Today research shows that good communication between parents and teenagers can have a positive influence on risk–taking behavior by teens. Teens who report regular. Open communication with their parents about important issues say they are more likely to try to live up to their parents’ expectations and less likely to drink, use drugs, or engage in early sexual behavior.
• Discuss the rules for the prom: your own rules, the school’s rules and the consequences for violating them.
• Communicate with your student ahead of time about the agenda for the evening.
• Discuss the evening’s curfew and what acceptable post-prom possibilities there might be (an alcohol- and drug-free post-prom party, inviting friends back home to spend the night under your supervision, etc.).
• Know who is driving. If a teen is riding in a limo, the parent should be involved in checking out the company’s policy on allowing alcohol in the vehicle. On prom night when the limo arrives, a parent should be the first person in the limo to check out what has been stocked in the beverage containers inside the limo and also to speak with the limo driver about the expectations involving alcohol for the evening.
• Encourage seatbelt use.
• Do not rent hotel rooms for prom-goers.
• Communicate with other parents about prom plans.
• Stay up for prom-goers’ return home.

For more information about SADD/Liberty Mutual Teens Today research, log onto There is a link to information under the “Media” heading in the upper right corner of the website.


SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)  
Club Advisor Ms. Elizabeth Riemer
President – Shalini Sreedhar
Vice Presidents–
Mission/Goals SADD is an organization devoted to raising awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. The program was developed to raise awareness about the importance of decision-making. Activities for the year will focus on educating students about healthy decisions.
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