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As printed in the November 4, 2010 Wayland/Weston Town Crier


    If you caught a glimpse of the Weston-Wayland pre-season ultimate Frisbee game on a recent Friday afternoon, you would undoubtedly be dazzled by the excellent performance of the Weston High School athletes both on and off the field.

    Parents of the Weston ultimate Frisbee team, you should be so proud of your teenagers!

    Weston High students organized their own team (without a teacher supervisor), financed their own uniform (without sponsorship), trained themselves (without a coach), and practice relentlessly (without spectators), five afternoons a week, in rain or shine, only stopping when the lightning strikes.

    At Friday afternoon’s game, 12 players donned their vermillion-colored uniform and put into practice all the skills they garnered since the start of school – stack, cut, d-block, force, huck, pull, sky, mark and lay-out. They thrilled all onlookers from the sidelines.

    Among the audience were two of last year’s Weston ultimate team captains, Weston High graduates who are now freshmen in colleges on both side of the Charles. They traversed westward traffic to root for their teammates’ first game in the season.

    This year’s captains Andrew Ho (senior) and Meiji Yue (junior) led their team by demonstrating their athletic prowess and enforcing strict adherence to the game rules.

Seasoned players Jae Young Cho, Tom Liao, Chul Min Cho and Brian Yue starred alongside their rookie teammates Brandon Chen, Grant Fishman, Ryan Quinn, Akshay Saini, Andy Yee and Kevin Zhao.

    The Wayland team outnumbered ours by a factor of two. The Weston Albatross fought valiantly for over two hours before succumbing to a respectable defeat. At 15-8, the game ended amicably, with both teams lining up for hand shakes, mutual cheer, and the Weston athletes voluntarily sharing their snacks with their Wayland guests.

    Picking up their bags, clothes, backpacks and shoes, the Weston ultimate team captains surveyed the ground for last traces of garbage. They cleared the field and sent their mud-streaked teammates off to catch the 5:30 p.m. late bus. Some of them would go home to finish college applications. Some would go to religious activities. Some would head home, grab a bite, shower off, just to return to Weston High at 6:15 p.m. to play in the Pep Band at the sideline of the football game.

    While this sport may be foreign to many and this team is not recognized as a varsity sports team, on last Friday afternoon, the ultimate Frisbee team athletes enthralled with their display of strength, speed, agility and zest for life.

    Yes, indeed, when nobody was looking, the Weston Albatross behaved with dignity, maturity and excellence – as the ultimate athletes.





Ultimate Frisbee Club  
Club Advisor Mr. Mike Kelley

To complement the interscholastic team, the Ultimate Frisbee Club will scrimmage and work on skill development either outside by the tennis courts or in the gym. Both experienced, inexperienced, casual, and competitive students are encouraged to come and try the sport. Ultimate during activity period will not construe membership on the spring team.

Schedule See HC Club Meetings and Activities Listing  







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