Middle School Science and Technology

The Weston science and technology program is designed to guide students toward science literacy in our increasingly complex technological world.


Our goal is to help students learn to think scientifically in analyzing and evaluating important science-based questions, while at the same time encouraging curiosity and wonder about the details they observe in the world around them.


Likewise, through project-based experiences in design, computer-science, and the technological arts, students learn to both understand and to become active creators of the human-made world that surrounds them.


The middle school science and technology/engineering curriculum has been revised in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and updates to the Massachusetts Science Frameworks.   In place of traditional disciplines, science and technology/engineering is taught in a spiraled manner, emphasizing cross-cutting concepts including patterns, systems and system modeling, energy and matter flows, cause and effect, scale, proportion and quantity, structure and function, and evolution.


 Grade-appropriate reading, writing, and mathematics concepts are embedded throughout the curriculum, as recommended by the Common Core Standards. 


Additionally, in each year, students explore the connections between science and technology/engineering through a series of engineering design projects, both within their science courses and through their choice of technology/engineering electives that take place during the arts blocks.


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