Middle School Foreign Languages



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Foreign language courses in Weston follow the proficiency model of foreign language instruction reflected in the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and the National Standards for Education. Students are presented with both grammar and vocabulary in context and are encouraged to express themselves in the target language independent of a text as soon as possible. Awareness of cultural differences and similarities is also essential to a complete language education. Interdisciplinary themes allow students to use the language they acquire to learn about their world in general. They also demonstrate a more authentic use for the language as a means of communicating important information.


While Latin does not require the same instructional shift from a more traditional methodology to the proficiency model as do Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French, curricular objectives for Latin have been modified to make study of the language more relevant to students. Projects, games and historical lessons complement working with grammar and vocabulary, which is presented in context and in an age-appropriate manner. In addition, students learn to recognize parts of speech and vocabulary derivatives which enhance their understanding of their native language. Study skills are an essential part of the curriculum as well.


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