Middle School Mathematics

The courses in middle school mathematics emphasize the pattern, structure, and unifying ideas of the discipline. Since we have witnessed tremendous growth in uses of mathematics during the past thirty years, it is virtually impossible to predict all our future mathematical needs. We attempt to provide opportunities for students to achieve the mathematical, statistical, and computer literacy that will be required by tomorrow's society. Acquiring problem-solving skills is a major emphasis of the program.


The mathematics department recommends that students take alternate mathematics courses (summer school, on-line, or after-school mathematics courses) only if they have done poorly in the corresponding academic year course or desire such a course for enrichment. When encountering specific mathematics courses for the first time, students should not substitute such alternate courses for regular academic year courses in their mathematics programs. In general only academic year courses provide the time and group interaction necessary to develop an appropriate understanding of the concepts involved. Students will generally not be permitted to skip courses by taking alternate courses and students who take alternate courses prior to the academic year course should do so with the understanding that they will encounter some repetition of material in their academic year course. For further information about this policy, contact the department chair, James McLaughlin.


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