2014-2015 Middle School English

Course M262/M263/M264   GRADE 6 READING   Full Year

 In reading classes, all types of literature will be read and studied: poetry short stories, biography, and long fiction. Most of the time, however, students are reading novels such as The Boggart, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, and The Wild Children. Personal responses to assigned readings will be encouraged both in class discussions and in journal writing. Exercises in reading comprehension will be a regular practice in Reading.


Course M260/M261   GRADE 6 ENGLISH   Full Year

This course is primarily for instruction and practice in written expression. The process writing approach will be used and considerable attention will be given to revision. In addition to writing, students will be taught grammar, usage, spelling, and vocabulary, but all of these will support the main focus of the course: personal written expression. Every sixth grader will be encouraged to use computers for writing and other projects. "Making Changes - Taking Risks" is the theme for Grade 6.


Course M270/M271/M272   GRADE 7 ENGLISH   Full Year

 Reading, writing, and discussion form the core of the seventh-grade English program. All students will be encouraged to be active readers, clear writers, involved classroom participants, and keen listeners. Examples of books that will be read are: The Pearl, Boy, The Belltown Mysteries, and Johnny Tremain. In addition, units in poetry, reading, and writing will be taught, as are units in note taking, the short story, and narrative writing. Vocabulary, spelling, organizational skills, and note-taking usage will be emphasized. Compositions will be assigned at least bi-weekly. During extended writing units, daily writing and rewriting will be practiced. Process writing will be the method of instruction. Every seventh grader will be encouraged to use computers for writing and other projects. "Understanding and Appreciating Human Differences " will be the theme for Grade 7.


Course M280/M281/M282   GRADE 8 ENGLISH   Full Year

Emphasis on writing skills and analysis of prose and poetry characterize the eighth-grade English program. Writing with voice as well as writing with an awareness of the reader will be stressed. Vocabulary and English usage will be taught throughout the year. Compositions in descriptive, narrative, and expository writing, which capitalize on personal experience will be assigned regularly. Students will write and revise their papers with both teacher and peer input. The use of the computer for revision will be encouraged and practiced. The study of literature will include reading plays, short stories, novels, and poetry by such authors as Orwell, Shakespeare, and Vonnegut. All students in English 8 will study To Kill a Mockingbird. "Justice for All" is the theme for Grade 8.


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